Sketchbook - use it! :)


Try to make your drawings in Sketchbook. I was struggling to come up with an idea of a mutant dog that’s gonna be a boss in a Altered State campaign I’m just creating. With this program, I was able to visualize what was sitting in my head in about ten minutes. -


I do all my art in sketchbook! It’s free and has a good desktop version and the iPad app is pretty good now too.


Totally agree… sketchbook is awesome … i used the paid version for years and now its on ipad and works great… Procreate is another great one… but I always go back to what I know…


i have heard good things about sketchbook, though i haven’t used it myself. i use Krita, which i enjoy quite a bit. check it out if you would like. i like exploring new programs for art to see what i like about each. cant wait to see what sketchbook has in store for me :slight_smile: thanks again for the recommendation.


my main program is Krita just like yours. But I feel like I can just run Sketchbook and start drawing. I don’t know where this difference comes from, but with me it’s real.


I do all my art in Sketchbook too.
Been playing around with Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Photo, and other programs, but there’s just something clean and easy about Sketchbook.


Been an autodesk sketchbook user for years. not a fan of the subscription model they moved to, so i keep using the last version of pro


Only the Enterprise version is subscription. It’s totally free for individuals.
I did buy some brush packs from the site, but you don’t really have to. It’s easy to make your own.
What are you drawing on, Antigrav? Tablet, PC, cintique?
I’m drawing on a Lenovo Yoga laptop with a Wacom Bamboo. And my biggest issue with any drawing software is palm rejection - or lack thereof.


I’ve got a knockoff cintiq from XP pen. Same thing, different brand, 1/5th the price. Unfortunately I don’t draw as much as I should (though i will be ramping it up soon for my campaign book). During this whole quarantine/work from home situation i’m painting a ton of minis. Finished 12 in the last few days.


XP-Pen Artist is an affordable wacom cintiq alternative, I have a xppen artist 15.6 pro, love it very much because I can draw directly on the screen in sketchbook and krita.
Unfortunately, Sketchbook is no longer free, so I recommend krita, mypaint and medibang paint, all are free and great for painting.
pctechtest site has many good info about drawing apps and tablets.