Skeleton Tokens Now Available!



Hello there Shield Wall,

My skeleton tokens just went live on DTRPG in case anyone needs a few skeletons to hang out with. I’ve been taking advantage of the downtime and cranking out as much work as possible while I have the chance. I also created a better sample image so that you can see the quality of the tokens that are included in the set. I hope to get the upcoming set out next week at some point that will have an evil clown theme. Peace!



Great job dude, these tokens rock! Just bought my set


These are awesome… Keep this up.

I really want you to have a token empire!!!

Game On!


Thank you! I hope they will serve you well!

@Ezzerharden: Thanks! I’m working hard to get as many out as possible!


Nicely done, man. They look great.


Hey, thanks man, I appreciate that!


I love the aesthetic of these :slight_smile: they remind me of adventure time!


Thanks! I’m glad you like them, I LOVE Adventure Time, the animation makes me happy.