Simplified armor system




We are trying out a new homebrew for EZD6 and we have a lot of fun with it, so thought I share it.

In EZD6, if I’m correct, if a monster attacks a character it needs to roll if it succeeds at the attack, then the character needs to roll an armor check, if it negates the strike.

I would like a more simple approach to the Armor system. I was thinking about to translate the kind of armor for a simple target number (as for the monsters).

Disclaimer: Only played 2 sessions with, maybe there are a lot of issues yet to come.

Our homebrew:
Armor is a static target number, what an attacking enemy needs to achive to hit a hero with a strike.

The monster’s target number (meet or beat) to hit a hero wearing:

  • Light armor: 3+
  • Medium armor: 4+
  • Heavy armor: 5+
  • Shield gives +1 to the target number
  • If the hero is a rascal, we rule that the enemy has bane on the attack

(It’s really easy to play as player facing rolls >> the player needs to meet or beat the target to evade:

  • Light armor: 4+
  • Medium armor: 3+
  • Heavy armor: 2+
  • Shield gives -1 to the target number
  • If the hero is a rascal, we rule that she/he has boon on the evasion roll)

I was first a bit cautious, because maybe some monsters may have different target numbers for attacks, but then I saw a comment from DM Scotty under Dave Thaumavore’s video:
“Almost all monsters need a 3+ to hit a Hero unless in a special situation ruled by the Rabble Rouser (GM).”
So this is kind of a static target number, and the special situation can be handled with boons and a banes.

For example now it’s very easy to handle a horde of goblins: just roll as many d6s as goblins are attacking, and if the attack the paladin in full plate and a tower shield, just count the 6s.

For the math people, it gives not as different chances that you might think. I made a little table to demonstrate.

EZD6 core rules
Armor type Formula Chance to get hit Chance to avoid
Light 4/6 * 5/6 56% 44%
Medium 4/6 * 4/6 44% 56%
Heavy 4/6 * 3/6 33% 67%
Heavy + shield 4/6 * 2/6 22% 78%
If you are rascal 4/6*(5/6*5/6) 46% 54%
Simplified Armor
Armor type Formula Chance to get hit Chance to avoid
Light 4/6 67% 33%
Medium 3/6 50% 50%
Heavy 2/6 33% 67%
Heavy + shield 1/6 17% 83%
If you are rascal 4/6*4/6 44% 56% Ruling: bane on attack

EDIT: I forgot to include the Karma and Hero Dice rule for it. Karma can be used to subtract from the opponent’s attack (except if rolled 6), and a Hero Die can be used to reroll the attack then choose the lesser result. Player facing: give +1 to your roll (1 is always a fail), Hero die: roll again)

Have fun! Game on!


Sounds interesting. The one issue I see with it is player control over the armor save. In the sessions that I’ve run, players save karma to bump armor saves when they are hit. Eliminating a roll is a good goal, but in this case it seems that it will cost the players more than anything.

Example: Three enemies attack character. They roll 2, 4, and 5.

Rules as written this equates to two hits. Now the player rolls armor saves for each hit to avoid the damage(strike) and, wearing medium armor, roll a 3 and a 5. The five saves and the 3 doesn’t, but the player spends two karma to bump it to 5 and saves against both strikes.

This simplified method you’re proposing using the same initial rolls above against medium armor ends up with two hits against the player as before, but now they have no armor save and take two strikes damage, one more hit they are dead.

Now in order to keep the same chances for players to control their own destiny on taking strikes, you need to allow them to use karma against enemy rolls and even then, in order to be on the same ground as RAW they would have to spend 3 karma to avoid those two strikes in your proposed system.

Also, this example doesn’t even touch on Hero Die mechanics, which allow the player to make a re roll.

I like the idea, don’t get me wrong, but it feels a bit harsh imo towards players in this system.


I think eliminating the attack roll and just using the Armor Save could handle your concerns. You could say incredibly nasty monster increase the Target by 1.


One concern is this requires the RR to remember what armor the player has where currently you don’t. The game also is also engineered for max player fun and making armor saves is dramatic and fun and is another karma eater.


Thank you for the feedback!

I forgot to include the Karma and Hero Dice rule for it, I will in the original post also :slight_smile: Karma can be used to subtract from the opponent attack (except 6), and a Hero Die can be used as bane on the attack (reroll for the enemy then choose the lesser result). Player facing: give +1 to your roll (1 is always a fail), Hero die: roll again)

So right, the player would need to use 3 karma in your example to negate all attacks. However I think it cost the player in that example, and gives to the player in an other.
In the long run the two methods share a balance. Let me give an example, with the same player in medium armor, and three enemies:

The enemies roll 3,3 and a 4 (which is as likely as your example). In that case RAW would have the player roll 3 armor saves and the player on average would have to spend 2 karma to negate the damage. :slight_smile:

The feel of the battle changes, so it’s more like the playstyle of the group, and not being harsh to the player. Maybe it’s less forgiving to characters with light armor, and more forgiving to players with high armor, positioning, defending the backline gets an even bigger emphasis. :slight_smile:


Hmmm… that is an interesting take on this. Thanks for sharing.


I love EZD6! It’s the best game of all time. And, that’s coming from someone who loves ICRPG and likes 5e a lot.

My only critical feedback on the game is that there are two rolls when a PC gets hit.


What if armor adds more health, a boon to a certain task and a bane to a different one?

Example: Heavy armor: 3 temporary strikes per day. Grants a boon to deflecting missile attacks, but a bane to moving quietly.


Also, this could open up inclinations towards repairing gear between scenes.


You could also do it Black Hack style, where after the fight you roll to see if the armor needs repair, or just resets your bonus strikes.


What’s the target for that roll in Black Hack? I suppose it could be that you have to roll better than your own armor value to reset the stacks. And maybe get a boon if you’re a blacksmith (Craftsperson). I put some more thought into it last night and I started wondering if maybe the temp HP adds more complexity than is necessary for “EZ” d6. Lol.


I think it’s a usage die, so 1 in 3 chance of each time you blocked damage with your armor, that opportunity is reduced in the next fight until it is repaired. I don’t think anyone would get a boon to the roll to see whether or not the armor is damaged (maybe an armor master aspect?); the blacksmith just gets the boon to repairing it if it is damaged.

The nice thing about the armor checks in EZD6 is that the player can spend karma on their roll (or a hero die) to save their butt, so even if the strikes are low, you can save your resources to keep yourself alive. Converting the armor from essentially a save to extra hits makes it more protective, but with fewer chances to intervene with karma.