Silly question about attack mechanics


EDIT: forgot to factor ATK stat from the enemy.

So, I’m totally digging how the game puts ownership into player hands.

Am I correct that player mechanics are different from enemy mechanics?

  • Enemies take HP damage on whatever is over their DEF stat. eg A player rolls 6 points damage. The enemy has 2 DEF so it will lose 4 HP.

  • Players take attrition damage on failed 6+DEF-ATK check using a d20. eg Player with 6+3DEF(9) against an enemy with ATK 2 (6+3-2=7) rolls a 9. They take attrition damage by crossing out a skill or item.

I think I’ve stated that as succinctly as I can. Is it correct?



That’s correct. Keep in mind that Attrition types are important to remember. Some monster attacks cannot be defended by armor and must be evaded or resisted. If the players do not have those skills, then they’ll automatically take Attrition for not being prepared. A Heavily Armored Knight will be cooked alive by a fire breath if they are not trained to evade!