Showdown at Cherry Blossom Creek (Ghost Mountain) GM: Deathbare


Howdy Partners!

Time is running short only a few days before we round up the posse!

From the 24th to 28th I’m planning on running the Ghost Mountain Campaign as a series of One-Shots in support of Runejammer 2023. Voice will be Discord and we’ll use the Owlbear Rodeo for our VTT.

You can sign up in this thread or on the Community Site via Discord

Time to put an end to the Dyre Gang and their half-smoke leader!!! Rumor has it they are held up in Cherry Blossom Creek, but they say it is nigh impregnable!! However, you aren’t alone - the Hepawa Nation has sent their emissary Tears the Throat, the good folk of Buckskin want to help and the enigmatic Righteous with their stoic leader Michael Graham are in town. Can you negotiate the terms of this alliance to take down the gang or will you be going alone? Pre-Gen’s Available: Choose one of several classes including the classic Gunslinger; the esoteric Shaman, or the Mariachi, guitar case full of guns not included!

Hope to see you there!


awson @Grimku @Wulfgar @Ol’ Scratchy Thanks for coming out tonight - great game!! Pictured is the final scene of the Showdown at Cherry Blossom Creek - Dyre and his gang managed to prevail ultimately but what a shoot-out, spells were slinging, demon dogs were charging and Hepawa Braves were woopin’!