Show me your IRL RPG inspiration


On a stay cation this week visiting my wife’s family on the west coast of Newfoundland, we have had a chance for some fun outdoor activities, and nature can really be a great inspiration!

Went sea kayaking. Rugged coasts. Glacially eroded mountains, and small towns in Gros Morne National park. Perhaps adventurers have to reach their goal by stealthily canoeing over an open bay?

Went hiking this morning. At the top of the trail we got this amazing view of a mountain lake and its source. “To claim the sword of kings, find the Lady of the Lake in the mountain valley!”

Went on a run to the beach. Teenage shenanigans? Or a secret marker for an evil cult? You decide!


I dont have many pictures as I’m more of a video guy myself (if you’d like a link to my girlfriends vlog, I can send a dm) but I would check out Tusheti, Borjomi, and Svaneti in Georgia they have been big draws for me as well as and the Seranac Lake Region in NY.