Sci-Fi Tokens Have Landed!



Greetings Fellow Lumps,

I took a little break from the token building to play with some new ideas and techniques and came up with these. I’m moving into the sci-fi realm and having fun with it! You will notice that this particular set includes all the core races from Warpshell: Reptoid, Torton, Geno, Psyker, Mecha, and Xill. I plan on doing at least 1-2 more crew sets plus some critters before I get into race specific sets, should be fun!

Happy gaming!



Love them all… great resolution and nice headshots of each type… great use of color as well… probably your best work so far… I would love to see full body art for each of them! …

Game On!


Thank you so much! I do feel that this set is a notch up for me technically and I am happy with how they turned out. This was the first set that is entirely digital, the prior sets began with pen and ink drawings that were put into PS and drawn over for the final line work (cool, but terribly time consuming). I also experimented a ton with different brushes to create varying textures, this is something I will continue to do moving forward.

I will likely get into full body illustrations in the future but it would have to be filling a specific purpose and that hasn’t materialized for me yet. This is definitely an area that I have room to grow with and I will welcome that challenge when I get to it.


These are getting better and better!


Well done and congrats on your release!


Thank you!

@Khan Thank you!


I have updated the art and design to match my latest Hard Suit tokens on this set. I have also broken the set into two separate sets of 24 tokens each. Anyone who had originally purchased this set will get both updated sets, just fyi. Anyone else looking for high quality sci-fi tokens, I got em up now on Drivethru!