Sci-fi Skills



I really thought the skill chart in MothershipRPG was really cool. I’m running skills using backgrounds these days but this was sitting on the hard drive. I shared an earlier version on discord a while back. It’s my attempt to bring that MOTHERSHIP skills chart into ICRPG, treating them more like Abilities. I was using OFFWORLDERS Stats though and so the organisation of the skills was informed by them ie. STRENGTH, AGILITY, INT. & WILLPOWER or something like those. I did a quick Stat change to the left-hand side. Missed adding CON to anything.
Thought it’d at least generate discussion. Enjoy.


In all sci-fi role-playing games, he mostly has a long list of skills that the character can accumulate but quite often around 10 of that long list is going to come in handy.
I prefer more general skills that the character can specialize in if the need arises.
You could reduce your list, example: Strength = muscle activity: specialty: lifting weights or wrestling,


Could you help me with an ability list I have for Warp Shell? I’d appreciate your ability to organize it in a similar way for sure!


Sorry, I don’t have the time to. All the best with it though!


Thanks for replying. Here are my thoughts on your example:
Weight lifting -> Technique.
Wrestling -> Martial Art. ( I guess technique could up skilled to melee)