Scenes and compendiums



I have a question: it’s ok for me to distribute (here?) for free the scenes I’ve made for Blood and Snow on Foundry VTT?

The thing is: I’ve created 37 different scenes using Stable Diffusion, based on the landscapes and events of the Blood and Snow world from the Master Edition. To be precise I’ve created all tables, the megafauna, splinter tribes, and so on, and I will use it to GM to my groups. I understand that there is a paid version of the module that comes with everything so I don’t wanna spoil that, but I had a good time creating these maps, and I wanted to share it with everyone if it’s not a problem.

The scenes are all front views, I’m trying that style of narration without top-down maps for these sessions, so if you’d like to use it like this or just as a mood background it could work. I’ve tried to keep the POV as larger views of a pristine world, to add to the beautiful atmosphere of the game.

Some screenshots:


I wouldn’t mind if you sent them my way in PMs, for sure! As for sharing here I think Runehammer doesn’t like AI art too much. But maybe tell us how you got those results maybe?


Not much of a secret, really. I used Stable Difusion as a starting tool, as it should be. I used the Fooocus distro of SD, asked for the landscape I wanted with a simple prompt like “conceptual art of tall rock, on the center of a small green island, lake surrounded by a pine forest, decorated with intricate sculpted primitive writings” and selected the one that worked for me. In the Advanced >> Styles I’ve selected Fooocus V2, Fooocus Enhanced, SAI Digital Art, Conceptual Art. After that, it’s Photoshop for some minor details and that’s it. Also Outpaint Left and Right to make the image more in the ratio that I wanted. In total, the 47 scenes were done like this.

I cannot post images or links… gonna read the first timers guide haha


Cool work, honestly! AI is so useful for my personal games!