Sandbox, hex based exploration RPG!



Who loves sandbox, hex based exploration rpg like the campaign Kingmaker of pathfinder or Mutant Year Zero ?
To me, this is the greatest way to play an rpg, i love it so much.

Do you know if there are others than Kingmaker, Mutant, Forbidden Lands ? Probably yes but where are they in my rpg life, i need those. haha ^^


Oh hell yeah. When I get around to running my Final Fantasy Hack there will be hexcrawling and dungeoncrawling!
I also own the swedish version of Forbidden Lands. You can even run the hexcrawling by your lonesome as a GM and just play around with the random encounters!


Yeah, my last two video reviews were about Forbidden Lands! It’s a great set of books.


Yeah, great videos ! Love also the others, the one about Coriolis is my favourite. :slight_smile: