Sanctum of Poison (Garden of Acid)


The Sanctum of Poison
Adventure: Garden of Acid by Kane’s Kiln (Fantasy Reskin)
System: The Waste Is Not Kind by Epic Sloth Games (Fantasy Reskin)
When: Saturday, March 18th. 7AM EST (UTC-5) 2 Hour Session
Where: Discord and ICVTT
Size: 3 or 4 players in a One Shot

Characters will be built using The Waste Is Not Kind 1.5, then reskinned as fantasy characters. Gun Effort will be Magic Effort, but otherwise we’ll use the same terms (Grit, Adrenaline, Madness). Translation will be done on a case by case basis.
Pregens can and will be provided if desired. If you do not have WINK, no worries.

Example Character
Jareth the Beige, Wizard (Boomer)
+3 DEX, +1 CON, +1 INT, +1 WIS
+4 Weapon, +3 Magic (From Sorcerer)
Sorcerer (Deadeye): +3 Magic Effort
Dual Wands (Akimbo Pistols): 10 Charges. One wand per hand. FAR attacks are HARD. Each attack uses 2 Charges and deals 2d8+Magic Effort.
Warhammer (Spiked Bat): Successful hit lowers an opponent’s Defense by 1, A critical hit makes all attempts opponent EASY.
Winged Boots (Oiled Leather Boots): Movement DEX rolls are EASY.
Fireball Charm (Minigun): 10 Charges. 3 Charges per attack. 3d8+Magic Effort.
Cloak of Pockets (Toolbag): Takes no Inventory Slots. Roll an extra Item.
Compass (Navigation Gear): Always have a correct sense of direction when traveling.


I’m interested. You can count me in.


I have WINK, by the way.


I have added your Discord to the Thread I’m using in the Kane’s Kiln server