RuneJammer 2023



Index Card RPG (ICRPG), the hit independent roleplaying game system from Runehammer Games, enjoys vigorous growth and a devoted following, now two years after the release of its definitive Master Edition.

In celebration of this anniversary, the Runehammer fan community invites you to join in an unprecedented online gaming event—RuneJammer 2023—an entire week of ICRPG play opportunities and live workshops, with over 50 game sessions offered by our fantastic community contributors.

It is our sincere pleasure to feature EZD6 creator and tabletop gaming legend DM Scotty as a Special Guest GM for a number of RuneJammer sessions.

RuneJammer 2023 welcomes complete newcomers to the RPG hobby as well as gamers of any experience level who want to discover ICRPG’s fast, flexible system, and it features all five adventure settings included in Master Edition—Alfheim, Warp Shell, Ghost Mountain, Blood and Snow, and Vigilante City—offering a wide variety of unique roleplaying adventures presented the Runehammer way.

Join us online from August 24th through 30th for some truly exciting gaming experiences offered around the clock—session participation and system quick-start rules are completely free of charge!—and you’ll see why ICRPG has earned its reputation as an easy-to-learn, easy-to-run alternative engine for all your RPG fun.

Whether it’s swords, six-shooters, or sonic stunguns, ICRPG can deliver whatever experience you’re looking for at your gaming table, and if you want to be part of the one of best communities anywhere on the Internet, we’ve got a spot waiting for you!

Official information is posted at—follow the link below.

YouTube Announcement

Safezone - Kill some walkers, grab some loot and stay alive!

Today’s Challenge to the Shield Wall :shield: Tell someone you know—a friend, co-worker-or family member—who doesn’t play RPGs about ICRPG and our upcoming free RuneJammer 2023 online gaming event. Encourage them to visit the landing page at and peruse the events in the rj-events channel on our Community Discord server. There are sessions being held around the clock for a solid week, so finding a game is no excuse! Your action here could work out well for all parties concerned, and you might just have a new player at your table for your next session. :sunglasses: :thumbsup: Thanks for your consideration.


RUNEJAMMER 2023 UPDATE: Thanks to the kind generosity of Monomakes Dice and Runehammer Games, we now have raffle prizes when you play in our upcoming online gaming event. Each participating player in a RuneJammer session on game day automatically receives a chance to win one of four mystery dice bags or a special Treasure Chest including a copy of Index Card RPG: Master Edition signed by the author himself! Visit and sign up today!


Hey, Shields: RuneJammer 2023 starts one week from today! (OK, technically, one week from last night at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific…). A name that I recognized as a regular contributor here said “I don’t know what that is,” so with the recent influx of all the new people, I’ll welcome them and keep it simple. (Old Guard, this is for you too…) RuneJammer is a free fan-based online gaming event celebrating Index Card RPG running next week from 24-30 August. It’s 50+ open games offered virtually around the clock all week, so there’s no excuse not to sign-up for a game and play, regardless of RPG experience level or familiarity with ICRPG! Bring a friend (or more than one) and sign up for a session today, because there is something for everyone. Please help us support this community and get the word out for the good of the hobby. Visit for all the details, join the ICRPG Community Discord, pick a game, and have fun. Thanks!

PS: Right now, there are even a few RuneJammer sessions that have multiple seats still open, so savvy Shields and their acquaintances could assemble an entire of table of friends and sign up together for the same session, for what would essentially be a private game of ICRPG in any of a variety of genre settings run by some very talented GMs within our community. Come join us! It will be fun! :wink:



Be sure to check out and the announcement video made by Kane!


RuneJammer 2023 is over for now. :cry:

I had a blast getting my games ready, playing and leading, watching others and seeing the after action reports of sessions gone great and gone awry. I hope everyone had fun and is excited for another round of it! I would love to see more GMs, workshops, people collaborating and learning from each other.

With this being as short notice and all volunteer participants, we’re going to work to get more GMs in, more games and better representation of what this vibrant, strong shield wall is made of.

I hope to see you and your friends next time!


I recorded my game sessions, with permission. Check them out here!