Runehammer VTT Feature Guide



=== RHVTT Update ===
Our VTT is hitting v1.4.3 with some minor changes in an attempt to lower the server load

Technically speaking:
:bug: better music caching
:bug: faster timer token dragging-in
:bug: detect re-upload of images

Have fun!


=== RHVTT Update ===

After v1.4.4 has been around on the DEV-Server for quite a while, it’s now time to publish the latest version of RHVTT!

End-user stuff:
:shield: A red (!) icon in the GM drawer indicates whether a game may expire soon
:hammer_and_wrench: Improved Connection Handling (fewer dropouts, kicking players should work better now)
:hammer_and_wrench: Music playback isn’t that loud anymore

Bug Fixes
:bug: Index Cards is now working again (reported by @Lon )
:bug: Exporting Games is now working again
:bug: Upload indicator arrows now working again
:bug: Removed broken tokens caused by mobile touch events (“token_dnull”, “rollbox” etc.)
:bug: Decreasing two-timer dice at once will not swap labels anymore
:bug: Players box is not flickering anymore when located at the screen border

Technical/internal stuff:
:hammer_and_wrench: Some performance optimization regarding Token Updates
:bug: Stat Analysis Tool can be used for DEV-Server too

NOTE: Server is currently rebooting


Hey Kane,

I have a feature request: Adding regular text (via typing) to index cards and scene backgrounds.

I’d like to quickly type something as a reminder or an explanation for a timer, a spell effect or whatever. If you are playing with the mouse, like most people do, doodling is hard, slow and ugly.

  • I think a color picker is a must and you have it already implemented for doodling anyway. Being able to select a couple of different fonts (no need for too many I think), and font styles (italic, bold, etc.) would be icing on the cake.
  • Being able to mix text and doodling on the same card is not a must, but having it would be dandy. If implementing it so will complicate things, doodling and scene backgrounds can have a dropdown to select the input mode (drawing or typing).

Great effort all around with RHVTT! :vulcan_salute:t3:

1 day later edit:
I’m aware that we can write short stuff directly into tokens but more text would be very helpful. Enabling text input will let us type in character sheets as well. I can’t look at up-to-date character sheets of my players and that causes wasted time, talking back and forth.


I have another feature request. :blush:

Toggling visibility of tokens/index cards. I’d like to prepare my scenes ahead of time and hiding my notes/creatures for the appropriate moment would be a good quality of life improvement.



=== RHVTT Update ===

v1.4.5 is here!

  • Straight Line tool for drawing index cards.
  • Hold SHIFT. Optional snap-to-(invisible)-grid. Hold CTRL.
  • Pen pressure is now used when drawing with a pen Line width (when using a mouse) can be altered using the mouse wheel Fixed broken zoom
  • Drawing index cards while being zoomed now places them correctly


Isn’t it a bit of a lie to say that it’s free if you need to pay for Hank’s Patreon though? :thinking:


You don’t. You just need to have a Patreon login, you don’t have to sub anything.


Oh. then you guys need to update that information! 'cause when the project came to life I remember that Hank wanted to keep it for his Patreons only? Which is alright by me, but this new information is a game changer! Now I might play on there! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you for your reply! :v:


It does already say that in one of the updates. :slight_smile:


Neat! :flushed:

Next time I will read more carefully! Thanks!