Runehammer VTT Feature Guide



=== RHVTT Update ===
Our VTT is hitting v1.4.3 with some minor changes in an attempt to lower the server load

Technically speaking:
:bug: better music caching
:bug: faster timer token dragging-in
:bug: detect re-upload of images

Have fun!


=== RHVTT Update ===

After v1.4.4 has been around on the DEV-Server for quite a while, it’s now time to publish the latest version of RHVTT!

End-user stuff:
:shield: A red (!) icon in the GM drawer indicates whether a game may expire soon
:hammer_and_wrench: Improved Connection Handling (fewer dropouts, kicking players should work better now)
:hammer_and_wrench: Music playback isn’t that loud anymore

Bug Fixes
:bug: Index Cards is now working again (reported by @Lon )
:bug: Exporting Games is now working again
:bug: Upload indicator arrows now working again
:bug: Removed broken tokens caused by mobile touch events (“token_dnull”, “rollbox” etc.)
:bug: Decreasing two-timer dice at once will not swap labels anymore
:bug: Players box is not flickering anymore when located at the screen border

Technical/internal stuff:
:hammer_and_wrench: Some performance optimization regarding Token Updates
:bug: Stat Analysis Tool can be used for DEV-Server too

NOTE: Server is currently rebooting


Hey Kane,

I have a feature request: Adding regular text (via typing) to index cards and scene backgrounds.

I’d like to quickly type something as a reminder or an explanation for a timer, a spell effect or whatever. If you are playing with the mouse, like most people do, doodling is hard, slow and ugly.

  • I think a color picker is a must and you have it already implemented for doodling anyway. Being able to select a couple of different fonts (no need for too many I think), and font styles (italic, bold, etc.) would be icing on the cake.
  • Being able to mix text and doodling on the same card is not a must, but having it would be dandy. If implementing it so will complicate things, doodling and scene backgrounds can have a dropdown to select the input mode (drawing or typing).

Great effort all around with RHVTT! :vulcan_salute:t3:

1 day later edit:
I’m aware that we can write short stuff directly into tokens but more text would be very helpful. Enabling text input will let us type in character sheets as well. I can’t look at up-to-date character sheets of my players and that causes wasted time, talking back and forth.


I have another feature request. :blush:

Toggling visibility of tokens/index cards. I’d like to prepare my scenes ahead of time and hiding my notes/creatures for the appropriate moment would be a good quality of life improvement.



=== RHVTT Update ===

v1.4.5 is here!

  • Straight Line tool for drawing index cards.
  • Hold SHIFT. Optional snap-to-(invisible)-grid. Hold CTRL.
  • Pen pressure is now used when drawing with a pen Line width (when using a mouse) can be altered using the mouse wheel Fixed broken zoom
  • Drawing index cards while being zoomed now places them correctly


Isn’t it a bit of a lie to say that it’s free if you need to pay for Hank’s Patreon though? :thinking:


You don’t. You just need to have a Patreon login, you don’t have to sub anything.


Oh. then you guys need to update that information! 'cause when the project came to life I remember that Hank wanted to keep it for his Patreons only? Which is alright by me, but this new information is a game changer! Now I might play on there! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you for your reply! :v:


It does already say that in one of the updates. :slight_smile:


Neat! :flushed:

Next time I will read more carefully! Thanks!


Hey Everyone! We’re coming to a close on beta testing for v1.5 of the ICVTT. There are a ton of new features that we hope you’ll be excited for and we’re aiming to release it on Sunday, February 5th. Please note that anything on the main ICVTT server will be purged as part of the update.

To prepare for that release, we recommend that you export your games, using the zip export feature on the GM Homepage, and move them over to the dev server ( or just hold on to them until after the release. Then you can reupload them into the VTT by dropping the exported zip file into a newly created game. If you have any questions, please reach out and if you need help exporting your games, just let us know. Thanks!


=== ICVTT 1.5 Update ===

The 1.5 ICVTT Update is complete! Below are the features, bugs, and improvements addressed with the release and a tutorial video should be out sometime soon to showcase how the new features work.


  • Assets:
    • Fog of war token art added
    • Various scene assets (by @Coyote#7984)
  • Token / Indexcard Editor:
    • Token Editor with Art by @Kane Driscol#0336
    • Transparent tokens can made “pop” (partially drawn above token border)
    • Transparent Index Cards
  • Login: Auth0-based login that allows for Google, Discord and E-Mail.
  • Token Labels: can now +/- numbers within text (e.g. “zeimer 4 HP” up to “zeimer 5 HP”)


  • More intuitive close buttons.
  • More intuitive button captions (e.g. “add to scene”).
  • UI label “zoom” before slider in token editor
  • Countdown Links can be created independently from game instances


  • Drawing
    • Pen size is chosen on touch pressure if possible, else defaults to a medium size.
    • Drawing menu can now be reopened on chrome after creating a token.
    • Uploading another token art to the editor resets position and scale.
    • Better moving around token art in the editor.
  • Tokens
    • Copying tokens keeps relative positioning.
    • Double-click assets in asset browser is now working.


Whoa! That’s a lot of updated stuff, impressive!


Hey Kane, huge thanks for the update! I especially love the fog of war feature and the token/IC editor.

I’m having trouble reuploading my old game. When I drop the exported zip file into a newly created game, the VTT says “Too Large. Max 0 MiB”. The ZIP has 5.87 MB. What can I do?


Hmm… where are you trying to drop in your zip file? I’m not aware of a limit. I just dropped in a zip that was 17.5MB in and it worked just fine. You should be dropping in the zip file on the home screen after logging in, before you create a new game.


Overview of the new features in the 1.5 Update


Ah! That worked. I misread your instruction and dropped the ZIP onto the playing field AFTER I created the new game (like I would with a background JPG). Thanks for the quick response, just in time for tonight’s game!


The Development-Server on will soon receive the v1.5.1 update. You’re welcome to try things out and play your games there in order to help us improve ICVTT.

:white_check_mark: Fixed logout error
:white_check_mark: Fixed clipping in token editor when the “make it pop” is enabled
:white_check_mark: Fixed some login issues for sign-via-email
:white_check_mark: Fixed game imports where Timer dice were not loaded correctly

:exploding_head: Music tracks can be turned on/off individually to combine music and ambience sounds. The number of maximum audio tracks was increased to 6.

Feel free to reach out for feedback on any of these changes.


We’re one step closer v2.0 and essentially completing the ICVVT! Try out these updates for v1.5.2!


:bug: Pinging on top of a token will not move that token by accident anymore
:bug: Tokens are now “grabbed” at the relative mouse position instead of the center
:bug: Music volume is now correctly loaded from the previous session
:bug: (GMs) Workaround to improve webcam boot-up time: Hide it to quickly reopen it (this seems to be a problem when using multiple webcams through Firefox)

:wrench: In the token editor, the token border will default to the player’s color now.
:wrench: (GM) The assets browser’s game selection always defaults to the current game.
:wrench: (GMs) Added confirmation dialog when deleting scenes

:shield: (GMs) The scheduling feature can create discord timestamps (which are automatically shown in your local timezone by discord)
:shield: Enlarged length limitation for token labels (100 is probably large enough)
:shield: Tokens, whose label starts with * like *some text will be drawn a bit larger and centered, but not as big as #-based timers do
:shield: (GMs) Additional HEART and TARGET icons have been added to the VTT assets


This VTT is perfection! You did such a good job on it!!! THANK YOU!