Runehammer VTT Feature Guide



=== RHVTT Update ===
Our VTT is hitting v1.4.3 with some minor changes in an attempt to lower the server load

Technically speaking:
:bug: better music caching
:bug: faster timer token dragging-in
:bug: detect re-upload of images

Have fun!


=== RHVTT Update ===

After v1.4.4 has been around on the DEV-Server for quite a while, itโ€™s now time to publish the latest version of RHVTT!

End-user stuff:
:shield: A red (!) icon in the GM drawer indicates whether a game may expire soon
:hammer_and_wrench: Improved Connection Handling (fewer dropouts, kicking players should work better now)
:hammer_and_wrench: Music playback isnโ€™t that loud anymore

Bug Fixes
:bug: Index Cards is now working again (reported by @Lon )
:bug: Exporting Games is now working again
:bug: Upload indicator arrows now working again
:bug: Removed broken tokens caused by mobile touch events (โ€œtoken_dnullโ€, โ€œrollboxโ€ etc.)
:bug: Decreasing two-timer dice at once will not swap labels anymore
:bug: Players box is not flickering anymore when located at the screen border

Technical/internal stuff:
:hammer_and_wrench: Some performance optimization regarding Token Updates
:bug: Stat Analysis Tool can be used for DEV-Server too

NOTE: Server is currently rebooting