Runehammer VTT Feature Guide



This thread is to document and showcase all the features of the Runehammer Virtual Tabletop (RHVTT). If you have questions or would like to showcase how you are using the RHVTT, please feel free to check out the FAQ thread or start a new topic in the forums.


RHVTT Homepage

After logging in with your Patreon account, as GM you’ll be able to create a new game. Just type in the name of your game (no special characters or spaces), and drag in a background image. You can also generate a random name game or start with a transparent background.

GM Drawer (Homepage)

At the top of the homepage is your GM Drawer, where all of your games are stored in a dropdown menu. Each game will display a picture of your game and three icons: CLEAN UP, EXPORT GAME, and DELETE GAME.


  • CLEAN UP will attempt to clear out any broken tokens and will remove any music files.
  • EXPORT GAME will download your entire game as a .zip file that can then be reuploaded when selecting a background image in a new game.
  • DELETE GAME will remove your game from the server.

GM Drawer (Game)

Once you are inside your game, the GM Drawer will display all the various scenes you’ve created and several icons: CREATE SCENE, CLONE SCENE, DELETE SCENE, MOVE RIGHT, and MOVE LEFT.

  • CREATE SCENE will create a new, blank scene.
  • CLONE SCENE will duplicate everything (except the background) into a new blank scene.
  • DELETE SCENE will remove the scene from the game.
  • MOVE RIGHT will change the order of the scene to the right.
  • MOVE LEFT will change the order of the scene to the left.

Token Controls

After you drop in a token from your file browser, you’ll have some basic controls that show up when the token is selected. You can DRAG TO ROTATE, MOVE TO TOP, DELETE TOKEN, MOVE TO BOTTOM, ENTER LABEL, DRAG TO RESIZE, VERTICAL FLIP, CLONE TOKEN, LOCK/UNLOCK.

  • DRAG TO ROTATE will rotate the token around a central point.
  • MOVE TO TOP will push the token above other tokens.
  • DELETE TOKEN will remove the token from the scene (you can also use the delete key).
  • MOVE TO BOTTOM will push the token below other tokens.
  • ENTER LABEL will let you add a text label to the token in your player color (if you add a ‘#’ at the beginning of the label, it will increase the size and center the label text).
  • DRAG TO RESIZE will increase or decrease the size of the token depending on what direction you drag.
  • VERTICAL FLIP will flip the direction the token is facing.
  • CLONE TOKEN will duplicate the token (you can also use ctrl/cmd+c and ctrl/cmd+v to Copy/Paste)
  • LOCK/UNLOCK will prevent or allow the tokens from moving or being controlled. All tokens start UNLOCKED.

Note: You can also multi-select tokens by clicking and highlighting multiple tokens or by selecting each token with ctrl/cmd+click to add a token to the group. All tokens can then be controlled at the same time.

Dice Controls

Clicking on any of the dice will produce a random result. Each roll is colored coded/labeled by player and will disappear after a short time. Criticals will be highlighted to draw attention to the maximum roll.

Each of the dice can be drag and repositioned around the edge of the map area. Right-clicking on any of the dice will return them to their orginal position.

Shift+click-drag on any of the dice will pull out a TIMER die with the most recent roll as the main label. It will also be colored coded. Two additional icons will appear ( + and - ) that will increase or decrease the label by one.


Music Controls

Once you drop in a .mp3 file into a scene, the music controls will appear and can be dragged around the scene. You’ll be able to MAKE LOUDER, TOGGLE MUSIC, MAKE QUIETER, and CLEAR MUSIC. Each player will have full control over the music on their side.


  • MAKE LOUDER will increase the volume.
  • TOGGLE MUSIC will mute or unmute the music.
  • MAKE QUIETER will decrease the volume.
  • CLEAR MUSIC will remove the music for everyone.

Note: Music will continue from scene to scene until you clear the music, drop in a new file, or use the clean up tool from the home page.

Player Controls

All players who have logged in will appear at the bottom along with their name, country, and chosen color. The list of players can be dragged around the scene along with controls to MOVE LEFT/RIGHT and KICK PLAYER.


  • MOVE LEFT/RIGHT will reorder the players in the list
  • KICK PLAYER will disconnect a player from the game (this option is only available to the GM).

Note: If players want to change their name or color, they just need to refresh the game and log back in with their new name and color.

Any additional features or updates will be added as they are documented.

RHVTT questions

=== RHVTT UPDATE v1.2.1 ===

We skipped v1.2.0 due to some updating issue (just internal things).
:bug: Fixed token icon tooltip (Vertical Flip is now Horizontal Flip
:bug: “Music muted” is only shown if music is available
:bug: Better image pre-loading for a game (see footer indicator “Loading assets…”). All your assets should be automatically pre-loaded by your players, so you can quickly switch pre-setup scenes.
:shield: Webcam can be snapshot as a background (e.g. for terrain setup on your real table)

Webcam Snapshot

Within the GM Drawer during a game, you can now use your Webcam to snapshot background images.


Once you’re ready with your webcam you can take a snapshot and apply it to the background of your scene.


=== RHVTT Update ===
:shield: Screen Share Snapshot feature (as teased earlier)
:shield: Auto-Movement Lock/Unlock for pings
:bug: Player-Colored Timer Tokens are drawn more efficiently (less FPS drops)

Remember: Clear your cache

Upcoming updates will primarily be bug fixes and UI improvements.

Screenshare Snapshot

With this latest update, you can also take a snapshot of your screen and set it as a background, right within the RHVTT. In the GM Drawer, you select the Preview Screenshare button.


It will then ask you to select which Screen, Application Window, or Tab you’d like to use as the snapshot.

After you’ve chosen your source, you can preview, take a snapshot, and apply the screen snapshot as the background.

Auto-Movement Lock/Unlock

When zoomed, players can now enable/disable the ability to auto center their screen whenever someone pings a location. The lock icon will only appear if the player is zoomed in. When locked, the screen will not move. When unlocked, the screen will move.



We’re hitting v1.2.4 with:
:bug: webcam/screenshare snapshots are using less bandwidth (now using correct encoding)
:bug: fixed issue with extremly dark or bright playercolors when using timer tokens
:bug: flipped token’s label is not longer rotated with the token
:wrench: more subtle notification for assets being up-/downloaded
:shield: player color can be randomly picked over and over again on login screen without reloading (:arrows_counterclockwise: icon)

Remember to clear your cache

Randomly Select/Reselect Player Color

Before entering a game, you can now randomly select a color using the Random Color Generator. The option to specifically select a color remains.



We’re hitting v1.3.0 with
:wrench: Reworked music system (now offering a couple of slots for quicker music switching)
:bug: Timer label now resized on token resize
:bug: Typo in screenshare error messege
:bug: Country flags fixed (made more robust)

As always: clear your cache.

Updated Music System

The Music system has been reworked and updated to provide a more robust option of playing music in the RHVTT. The main feature is the inclusion of up to 5 Music Slots that you can switch to whenever you need

The Music Player without any tracks added

You can drag and drop in up to 5 .mp3 to fill each slot. Once loaded in, anyone can toggle each track on and off by selecting the specific slot. This will change the music for everyone. Change back and forth between tracks will restart the track at the beginning, but if you lower the volume to 0%, it will continue looping as normal (just without any sound).


Right-clicking on a specific slot will open a dialog box with an option to delete the track.


=== RHVTT Update ===
We’re hitting v1.3.1
:bug: Solved problem with uploading a token after game cleanup
:construction: Workaround for occasional login delays
:bug: Music is cleared on game cleanup (but not longer cleared when exporting to a ZIP)
:bug: Music slots are correctly updated after login
:bug: Fixed several rare crashes (you’ve event might not notices them)
:construction: Workaround for “hanging players” (aka name-already-in-use)
:shield: D100 rolls when doubleclicking d10
:bug: Token labels are now shrinked when zooming
:bug: Fixed adding timer dice in chrome (hopefully :laughing: )
Thx for your contribution!

Note: Don’t overdo timer dice, they are resource intense on some browsers!

And, as always, Clear your Cache! :slight_smile:

Roll a d100

You now have the option to roll d100 simply by double clicking the d10 die. A single click will provide a result from 1-10. A double click will give you a result from 1-100.




We are hitting v1.3.2 with a huge overhaul improving especially the mobile experience.

General things:
:bug: Fixed some rare crashes
:shield: D100 rolls have leading 0 digit so they can be distinguished
:shield: Ping beacon animation has multiple cycles (instead of a single one)

:bug: Moving zoomed viewport with Spacebar+Leftclick is not resetting token selection anymore
:bug: Ping beacon is drawn smaller if zoomed in
:shield: minimum token size is relative to zoom level (zoom in and shrink them again if you want them to be tiny)
:shield: Zoomed Viewport can be moved using Arrow Keys

:shield: Zooming using pinch gesture
:shield: Zoomed Viewport can be moved using wipe gesture
:shield: Selecting multiple tokens on mobile using pressure-sensitive input
:shield: No ctrl/shift/whatever-key required for getting timer dice (just drag it into the center; dragging to the border works as before)
:shield: File upload dialog (since there is no drag-and-drop for files on mobile)

:exclamation: Sharing camera/screen is not working for mobile. But you should be able to access your builtin-camera via file upload dialog.
:exclamation: File upload works for all image and audio files. it works in tandem with the dropbox app, but loading from the device’s memory is highly recommended.
:exclamation: The wipe gesture is based on touch pressure. Most players should be fine with selecting single tokens at a time; GMs are advised to use a pressure-sensitive pen or something similar if the multi-token selection is required while mobile GMing.

As always: clear your cache and report every bit that’s off or broken

File Upload Option

Within the GM Drawer, you now have a File Upload Option. By clicking on the File Upload button, a dialog box will open for your files. You can then select one or multiple files which will then be dropped in as if you dragged them into the scene directly.

File Upload Option in the GM Drawer

Select one or multiple files

Images are dropped directly into the scene


We are hitting v1.3.3 with some more minor improvements, especially on mobile, since I GMed a couple of sessions using only my tablet.

:bug: No more double-activation when tapping token icons
:bug: Dice are spread vertically on mobile (better screen usage without rearranging everything; on desktop it stays tightly packed)
:shield: Tokens with a pure number as label now have plus/minus icons (e.g. tracking enemy hitpoints)
:shield: You can draw onto your background and reupload it (neither redo nor eraser, just doodling around), allowing for some quick’n’dirty floor plans if necessary. Note, that pens are supported and disable drawing by finger (can be reenabled with the PEN-checkbox if you want to). That way, most palm touches are ignored while drawing (hopefully, pretty experimental).
:bug: Improved token label readability when zooming

As always: clear your cache and report every bit that’s off or broken :metal:

Tokens with Number Counters

When using a pure number as a label, all tokens now have the ability to add or subtract numbers from them. It’s a great way to track HP or other individual stats. Just create a label and input the specific number (no ‘#’ needed).

Token with number label

Plus and Minus option to add or subtract numbers from token

Drawing on Background

GM’s now have access to draw on the background with a simple drawing tool within the GM Drawer. These drawings are then uploaded as the new background. This allows GMs to draw in little details or draw maps on the fly as players move throughout the space. If you use a monochromatic background, like white, you can treat it very much like a whiteboard.

Drawing tool within the GM Drawer

The Drawing Preview Panel

_NOTE:_The new image will replace the old background with a new 1600x900px image. This may affect porportions and resolution slightly if the original image is not 1600x900px.


Pretty dang cool! :+1:t3:


We are hitting v1.3.4 with some more minor things (this time without restarting the server)

:shield: Slightly removed timer fontsize to find a middleground between different devices (the numbers should not longer be larger than the timer token itself)
:bug: Token rotation is back to work
:bug: Improved token movement responsiveness (is that even a word?) on chrome (notice that the FPS are limited to a lower number now)
:bug: Tried to make images less blurry. Please report your window.devicePixelRatio to me if things are still blurry for you.

As always: clear your cache and report every bit that’s off or broken :shield:
PS: There are still issues on my list :slight_smile:


=== RHVTT Update ===

We are hitting v1.3.5 with the following:

:bug: dice icons are not longer blurred or pixelated on chrome
:bug: music is no longer deleted by accident (do it manually if it’s intended)
:bug: token labels are no longer cut off at the bottom
:bug: ctrl-click to add/remove tokens to/from selection got fixed
:bug: ctrl-a selects all tokens correctly

As always: clear your cache and keep reporting :shield:


=== RHVTT Update ===

Quick and small update to v1.3.6

:bug: Adding TIMER DICE should work now consistently (just drag a dice icon into the scene, without any keys pressed like CTRL)
Note: The option of moving dice around had to be disabled. Both features were constantly blocking each other.

As always: make sure to clear your cache