Roll & Forge: A Kiln Folk Expansion of L.O.G. Tables



I meant to share this earlier, but over on the Kiln discord, a bunch of folks have been hard at work putting together a new set of LOG tables for all five of the settings included in Master Edition (Alfheim, Warp Shell, Ghost Mountain, and Blood & Snow). 15 tables filled with ideas and combinations to inspire your next adventure.

This is just the first in a series of tables being developed, but we wanted to share these awesome ideas with the community. A big thank you also goes out to @ChlodwigChubb who has been a driving force in the effort and also took the stream of ideas and compiled them together into this fantastic PDF. If you want to get involved in the next set, come hang out! It’s awesome :fire:

Grab the Tables here

Alfheim [8, 15, 11]
[Location] An area of forest constantly subject to random weather
[Obstacle] The fire from a recent dragon attack blazes and burns through the area, smoke burning your eyes
[Goal] Collect as many ingredients as possible for antidotes

Now doesn’t that sound like a fun scene? You’ve got random weather every time the timer hits, you have a dragon nearby and you’re dealing with smoke and fire that raises the target, and you have to try and find ingredients?

Maybe the only time that a certain flower bloom is under the intense heat of a wild fire and you’ve already provoked the dragon (or convinced them? Maybe the dragon is an ally?) and so you’ve got to race to find the flowers before the random weather shifts and puts out the flame.

I never would have thought of that without some random rolls popping up!