Roll For Effort Aliens - you gotta watch it!


Hi Shield wall,

I just finished The Roll For Effort Aliens 2 shot, and it was awesome start to finish. so many clutch moments and some great role playing.

When watching the finale I noticed it apparently only has 75 views which is just a damn shame, and I wanted to bring this to the attention of those who haven’t watched it at all and to those that started and never finished it.

Alex did a great job running it! and the players were clearly having a lot of fun. I really appreciated Hankerin’s roleplay which included many moments of putting himself in danger for the SGT, just because that is what a marine of his rank would do.

I’ll stop rambling now. Enhance your day with a little Aliens Roleplay.


Heeeey, thanks so much for the shoutout. I had a ton of fun running that game. Of course, it helps when you have excellent players, who really made that game awesome.


Also, I have a part two in the works with custom map assets from our own @Chaologic. I fully intend to run it for the community if there is interest.


I’d love to play an Alien game. I’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to that setting.


If you haven’t checked out Xeno Dead Zone. It should get you over the line.


Awesome. Excited as!


:point_right::wink::point_left: this guy, I would like to throw my name in to that Hat good sir.


@Lakins and @Shadymutha I’ll do a proper signup and let you guys know. It’ll be after the first of the year, probably.


On the other side of a vast, dark blue ocean lies a man postrate begging for a game time that would be accomodating for his people


Your prayers are heard, chosen one of your people.