Road to Oasis: The Cold Gates (ICRPG Blood and Snow Adventure)



Greetings, Shield Wall. Looking to recruit up to four brave members of the tribe full of Pleistocene pluck to stand as a valiant rear guard for their clan this Thursday morning as enemy raiders mount an attack during troubled times. This quest is part of Week 1 in GM CLOAK’s new Blood and Snow limited-arc campaign, entitled “Road to Oasis” on the infamous Alfmarches Discord server.

This will be an early morning game in most US time zones, with a three-hour estimated run time to allow us to get in a full gaming session ahead of typical real-life workweek commitments. CLOAK has put a tremendous amount of worthwhile effort into laying the ground rules for this campaign setting, extending the already-dynamic Master Edition rules for Blood and Snow’s Ice Age adventures, and this kickoff week is a great time to see what it’s all about. No future commitment to the Road to Oasis campaign is required to join and participate in this game.

The pitch…

A hunting party from our tribe encounters and captures a spying scout from a bellicose rival group called the Clan of the Speartooth, warlike raiders with a violent history of marauding others. Pressing for information, our tribe learns that the Spearteeth, using their superior numbers, are about to launch a surprise raid on our people in order to sack our camp and plunder our resources before we can leave the local hunting grounds currently plagued by disease. The enemy will soon be on the move and intends to take the most direct route from their camp to ours, through one of several treacherous and frigid highland passes known to the local tribes as the Cold Gates. Four brave warriors from our tribe undertake a daring mission to the Gates, hoping to choose an ambush point wisely and fight a successful holding action that will delay the Spearteeth long enough for our tribe to finish preparing for our journey and escape slaughter as they embark on the road to Oasis…

Please DM me ASAP with your interest. (If enough players request it, there is possible that this game event will be rescheduled for the same time slot on Friday 2/24 instead.) I will be cross-posting this listing elsewhere on the interwebs and taking players on a first come-first served basis. You will need to join the Alfmarches Discord server for this event; VTT service will be with ICVTT, and voice comms will be over Discord (no camera required).

Thanks for your interest.


I need to make a character, but I’d be interested!


That is awesome. Does the Thursday time slot work for you?


Wow. That was fast. Only one spot left for Thursday. I will take a short list of reserves after that, just in case…


Yeah, it does. It’s 1pm to 4pm my time. :slight_smile:
I am still on the Alfmarches-discord so I’m gonna make a character tomorrow and post it into the appropriate channel.


Outstanding. Looking forward to gaming with you.


Still one spot left for tomorrow’s early morning game (which I will be running) in CLOAK’s new Blood and Snow Ice Age campaign on the Alfmarches Discord server!

Newcomers to ICRPG are welcome, as this is a great opportunity to generate a character quest in one of the game’s iconic settings. No prior experience or future participation in the campaign arc is necessary.

Be the brave soul to pick up the last spear and join us. Tomorrow morning is why coffee was invented…


I’ll be there. Been needing a reason to wake up in the morning while I’m looking for work.


Cool. :sunglasses:

If a fifth spear wants to join the group later today, they are very welcome to do so.

You’re probably going to need them. :smiling_imp:


if you still have a spot open and allow new players to ICRPG I would like to join.


Sure. No problem. I will DM you… :+1: