RFE: Alfheim Prisoners “ALLEGIANCE” Ch 5



Good evening Shield Wall!

Tonight we share another awesome game in our Prisoners campaign, Joe did some mad good improve so don’t miss it!

Special thanks to all the crew, Matt, Alex, Joe, Hank and Kelsey of the Arcane Library.


We all have those moments when we’re off our game. The first part of this session is one of those. As soon as I dropped the hook I knew it was a poor cast, I missed the beat. Huge kudos to my awesome players for absolutely killing it with the RP while I frantically threw together an encounter on a recycled map based on their dialogue.
The scramble paid off and the second part went fantastic. I can’t thank Alex, Matt, and Jason enough for holding down the fort during my stumble. We as GMs can’t win them all but we can recover. Don’t sweat the small stuff. :blush::+1:


It is a delight watching you guys play. Last session I missed Hank and Alex.


Don’t worry Khan, everyone comes back eventually! Spring/Summer is always a busy time… In the face of stopping to wait for everyone or going on, we chose to keep going and work around those days! This is actually a brilliant example of how to successfully run a game under those circumstances. Same to Joe for his masterful handling of our rail jumping, the RP was great, and we saw some genuine character growth and had a blast!


Well said Jason. Indeed springs and summers are busy. Stopping to wait for people kills the momentum big time.


You didn’t.

But, I am still docking your pay. Don’t let it happen again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heeeey, thanks! We missed being there, but we were off saving the world on a Thursday night.


Well done, the world isn’t gonna save itself now is it?