Repurposing Crap Dice



I got a bunch of D&D Attack Wing dice for a buck on clearance and have been tooling around with this idea for a while. Combined it with some similarly spare LCR dice to gin up a pretty free-form Combat AI to keep things interesting.

What kind of repurposing of crap dice or other board game flotsam and jetsam do you all do at your tables, if any? Any feedback on the AI as currently built?


Note: the Red X only appears on 2 faces, not 3. Late night typo.


At the moment I just want to mention I love what you’re doing with the attack wing dice. I have the X-Wing version and will play around with this concept for enemy AI. Thanks for sharing the idea!


This is an inspired idea! I need to visit my FLGS and check the clearance section. Please keep this updated so I can steal, er… utilize… yeah, utilize this idea.


Now I want to take the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG dice and do something similar. Man, I love this group! Thanks for sharing!