Repair Mission



This time around I just wanted to play with choices and roll tables. Do you dash across the lunar landscape or trek through the tunnels with your repair kit in tow? Simple? Yes. Potentially fun? I sure hope so!


I like the choices. I would have each path take different hearts amounts of effort to traverse, though different targets might make it seem like two completely different endeavors.


More please… These are great! … reminds me of the Room Designs ol’ Hankerin used to do. I always loved those…

Game On!


Yeah I think I landed somewhere between an encounter and a full session idea with this one haha.


Only criticism i have, is the table text is very small unless you zoom in close. Too small for me even at full screen…otherwise great stuff as usual.


Noted! I was working on a big wide screen zoomed in so that totally makes sense :smile: . I’ll pull the tables out this morning and make them separate images.


No worries, the shield wall is stronger together.