Reloads and capacity. Need help with these



I’ve been reading the Master Edition and Altered State when I came upon the terms: capacity, reload, ad volley. What do these exactly mean gameplay wise?

Some guns have a capacity but some don’t, such as the revolver in ghost mountain or a number of guns in Altered State.

Does that mean that guns who have a “capacity” must be tallied per shot before a reload?

What about the revolver? It mentions that it requires 1 turn to reload but no capacity was given.


You are tracking. When a gun has capacity, that gun is empty after that many shots, and then a reload is required.

In terms of reloading, most of us rule that a player has to use an action to reload a gun on their turn; however, in some games, we also rule that a reload might happen while a player is doing other things. I think that call depends on how high speed you want your game. Finally, if a gun has its own rule, eg, “spend one round reloading,” then follow that rule.

For a revolver, guns of the Ghost Mountain era generally have 6 shots.

Hope all that helps!