[Release] Safezone: Zombie Apocalypse with ICME



Download: https://glocke.itch.io/safezone (free)

This supplement is about zombie apocalypse using ICRPG with as little modifications as possible. It contains a printer-friendly tri-fold page and some index cards (both printable and VTT-ready).


  • custom character creation (weapons, past profession, gear, tools, survivor tags)
  • “backpack”-rule for dynamic inventories
  • stress, wounds and walker mechanics
  • milestone options
  • GM tables for creating scenarios

Credits: Besides Runehammer’s ICRPG Master Edition, this supplement took inspiration from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Index card and token artworks were created using Microsoft Bing Image Creator (for non-commercial use only). Index card and token borders are base on the design by Kane Driscol.​

Additional Thanks:
Playtesters monomakes, Lon, skippy, fsbaum, kev, orkcol, s5photog, Twotricks, drfugue and more who I probably forgot to mention; you’re included here, too!



Outstanding work! :metal:


A terrific addition to the ICRPG genre sphere!

Glad to have been part of the playtest and can say that folks y’all better not sleep on this one!


This is amazing. Really love the tables and gear options. The art is also great. Wondering what types of mission types have been your favorite so far? The scenario tables are cool, just wondering which ones the playtesters seemed to like most.