Read your printer manuals, people 😄



What started as a simple curiosity of “can I actually print on a post-it note?” (Thanks random doom scrolling on youtube) turned into an actual character sheet printed on an index card! And it was only possible because I read my printer manual. I never would have guessed that my printer supported that paper size, but happy it does.

It has also taken some trial and error to work out the sizing (still working on the art cards), but I think I’ve got it. No one can deny that index cards are cool :wink:


These are really cool, loved them!

Art + small note space on one side + sheet on the other seems like a killer combo for these index card size character sheets. If two-sided blank index cards are a real thing, I don’t know if they are…


I’m in love :heart_eyes:

Is there any plans on releasing these!?


These are looking really great man! I really dig the minimal index card character sheet.


ok, hear me out…

BUSINESS CARD RPG! BCRPG the smaller brother of ICRPG!

We can make a small ruleset + some NPCs + blank character cards

With a set of small dice, this is the perfect weapon to hit unsuspect people with surprise RPG sessions wherever we are :sunglasses:

PS: what is the size of the first print @KaneDriscol ? Already business card, right? Seems smaller than an index card


That would be pretty intense :smiley:

And all of these, except the post-it note, were printed on 3x5 index cards I picked up from Walmart. I just have big thumbs :+1:


I printed up some spell cards a while back, 3x5 index card folded in half.

Had plans to do item cards and some other stuff, just never really got around to it.

P.s., these folded 3x5s fit pretty well in a wallet sized photo sleeve. That binder looking thing in the upper corner of the pic is a wallet sized photo album. “Spell book” for my wizard player



Mini dice like these (we could use an app, but where is the fun in that? ):

A folded card box with basic rules, maps, or any other thing that needs more than just a business card (place to throw the dice? they are tiny after all…)

the business card NPCs and characters…


I’ve been quartering regular US Letter cardstock I have, so each card is 4.25inch by 5.5inch, a little taller and shorter than a 4x6 index card, and bigger than the 3x5. and no lines.

Those look great, I did one for my 1/4 page cards, but I made mine too busy, I need to simplify it.


Serendipity! I was just looking to do the same for Mork Borg. I’m also thinking of creating an index card size rubber stamp. Then I can stamp out new characters as needed. :joy:


I haven’t had the chance to try it with a group yet but I really wanna use half index card-item cards with a 9 pocket card page as a loot tracker. All the cards on the front side are EQUIPT and all the ones facing the back are CARRIED. It may be too many business but it’s worth a test, i think. I know it cuts down the loot slots to 18 but… shrug.


Cairn has a character sheet with empty boxes for sticking tokens. Combined with something modeled on this one-sheet character booklet for Mork Borgr you could have something tiny and functional.


I’m gonna try cutting the loot slots down to 10. I think having a nice slick storage option like that is well worth loosing a couple of slots.

I’m looking forward to trying a really simple sheet and actual loot cards, and seeing how that works.


Any chance you might upload your index card template? I absolutely love what you came out with and I would replace my current character sheets with this one immediately. It’s so good and simple. I’ve been working figuring out to make simpler, and smaller, character sheets and yours is impressively elegant in its simplicity. Well done.


Yes, amazon and office supply stores have many choices of unlined index cards.

But now I have a question, what is the ‘better’ or ‘best’ size for ICRPG ??
Or what is the “official” index card size for ICRPG ??
3x5? 4x6? other ?

Thanks !