Ratching up the tension with the "House Die"



First EZD6-post for me!
I have been playing some The Darkest House from Monte Cook Games and really liked the dice mechanic. One particular mechanic, the House Die, sparked my interest and got me wondering if it can be implemented into an EZD6 game as a mechanic for creating player-facing time pressure or escalation.

Here’s how it works in The Darkest House: players investigate a haunted house. Every time they need to make a check, they roll 2d6 + the House die against a rating. If the House die ever comes up as the highest die, the house (which explixitly hates the players) acts and bad things happen.

Here’s how it could work in EZD6: the House die as a mechanic can be added to EZD6 to introduce time pressure in certain situations.
There’s a fire raging and players need to escape a burning building, the wizard tower collapses and players need to get out before they are buried alive, the dungeon is a living malignant organism and wants to kill the players etc.

  • If the players are in situations where time matters, players roll an additional “House die” (have the die be another colour to differentiate it from the other dice).
  • If the House die ever comes as the highest die something bad happens (maybe certain passageways collapse or monsters spawn, the fire gets more intense and burns players etc.).
  • If players succeed their check and the House die is the highest, bad things still happen.
  • Players can spend karma on a 1:1 basis to decrease the number on the House die.
  • If the House Die is equal to another die, nothing happens.
  • Optional: players can use the result of the House die to succeed at a check, but incur doom that the RR can use to inflict banes on players.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Take care y’all. :slight_smile:


That reminds me of this video from Hank on Challenge Mechanics - Damage, Disruption & Duration.

This mechanic seems great for turning the “Disruption” dial. I’ll have to try this out, thanks for sharing!