Quickstart 2e: Mage abilities, loot, mastery?


Hi all,

I just have a few questions regarding the Mage of Quickstart 2e…

Starting ability:
DARK PACT: Can I sacrifice any HP to boost any rolls (checks, attempts, efforts, …) or only failed rolls (“1”)?

Starting loot:
MEMORY RING: Does this rule only apply during combat (otherwise every mage would almost always have pre-rolled 6D6 available)? And can I use a pre-rolled 1D6 for any rolls or just for failed (“1”) rolls?

ASTRAL GRIMOIRE: I don’t understand why I should take an ASTRAL GRIMOIRE over the MEMORY RING. I can’t see any advantages in doing so…

Milestone abilities:
MAGIC THEORIST: Is this needed do make use of FORMLESS MAGIC?

Can I only master a chosen starting ability? Or can I master any ability (thus getting the starting ability and the appropriate loot during mastery)?

I understand that ICRPG is more of a toolkit than a rigid system… But to understand the original ideas better it would be cool if someone could explain/discuss my questions…

Thanks in advance…


Here are my thoughts on your questions.

I would consider this as any roll. If you sacrifice 3 HP, you +3 that specific roll.

I would say this option is available outside of combat as well, but it would use up their turn. Sure, the mage could spend every turn adding to their bank of rolls, but six turns to gain a bonus to a single roll? I’m sure their time would be better spent elsewhere if the pace of the game is hopping.

INT spells are considered LOOT and must be equipped to use (that’s why they take up an equipment slot). If you somehow lose the book, you can’t cast the spells associated with that book until it’s back in your possession. Handy safety net to have the book magically attracted to you.

I would say no. Just gives you an option to use INT to create/modify spells.

Nope. You can choose whatever Mastery you want, even if you didn’t choose the associated Starting Ability.


Thank you for your answers! And so fast…!!

It helped me a lot to understand the mage type and the mastery concept better!

Thanks again!