Question about things like Bandage Kit



I’m making my first character using the Templates and Prompts, and when picking up equipment I decided on a Bandage Kit which indicates it has a 3 count (cost 3). Is it gone after I use it three times? Do I just lose the 3 points spent for it? Not quite sure how items like this work.


Yes. It has 3 uses. After 3 uses, it’s gone. And you aren’t ‘losing’ points, you ‘spent’ points. Hero Points are currency in the game as well as skill points. It’s a big paradigm shift for sure.


Additional context. Gear is explicitly temporary in Crown and Skull, whereas skills are permanent. With Attrition you can only temporarily lose a skill until it’s healed, but gear is subject to actual permanent destruction and could be taken from you or lost in many other fashions. It’s the nature of the game. Bandages are great because you can heal a needed skill after a battle, but once they’re used up, you lose a slot of attrition as well. Very different kind of game.


Yeah, I think I’m getting that the more I read, that Hero Points are kind both currency and development points. Reading the treasure section I think really brought it into focus.


One think I do (so may not apply to your GM) if you have the bandage kit and it gets hit with destroyed attrition I have it lose 1 of it’s uses. So if you haven’t used it yet, and it got hit with equipment destruction it would still have 2 uses left

But I only apply that if the player is going to randomly roll to see what equipment is destroyed. If the player wants to pic it to be the item destroyed then it will lose all remaining uses.