Question about Requirments to sit at the cool kids table!


What would I need to have to begin running games with everyone in 2019! I remember being told but I couldn’t find the thread…


Internet connection and a mic, most of the time camera is totally optional. Some folks use Google Hangouts for theater of the mind style play. There’s also Roll20 which has map support. Roll20 is free, you just have to sign up.

I’d be happy to help out if I’m able, man, and you’re more than welcome to join any game I’m running. :blush::+1: There’s a couple up in the Looking For Group section.


Here is the link to the earlier thread and responses.


Thx @JDStirling and @Alex … gunna start my checklist! Def interested in jumping in


Cool man. Once you get set up, let us know. Let’s definitely get you in a game.


Sorry, I haven’t gotten back to anyone. I have been working doubles through the holidays. I absolutely want to get a game going still. I just need to get this kid back in school and get work under control. I should be able to get started sometime in the next week or two.