Question about Phases


So I’m reading through the rules, and it says that players can pick which phase they want to act in.
I’m trying to figure out why you WOULDN’T want to go in phase 1? If everybody takes their turns first thing, they can kill an enemy or two before they can even act.
Can someone explain it to me please.


If they don’t kill the enemy, the enemy gets phases 2 through 5 free. If the enemy has multiple phases and tactics, they can knock a PC out uncontested and Phase 5 comes up and that PC is automatically dead.

Sometimes it is best to surround the enemy and have someone fast or a healer at 4 or 5 to prevent instant death.


Spicy nailed it.
Plus a combat round doesn’t start on phase 1, it starts on whatever round the Initiative winner is in. So all the Player’s jump into phase 1, Foe A is phase 2 and 4, Foe B is phase 1,3, and 5. Roll initiative and Foe A wins so combat starts on phase 2. The players get rocked by enemies before they can do anything about it.


I forgot about that, thanks.