Question about Attacking the Target



Greetings dicepeople,

I was thinking long and hard about the Attacking the Target concept after Hank dropped the 4th T video sometime ago.

Do players need to roll against the Target to Attack the Target? In the video its never mentioned. Hank in the video mentions "Steve cast Light spell and lowered the Target. That’s good and all but did he roll for it?
Is it intended for people to roll against the room dc in order lower the dc? Is it worth it to roll against the DC to lower it by 1 instead of solving the problem directly using the easy modifier?

Thanks everyone for your time! Hope you have a nice weekend


In ICRPG, the usual course is that a player would roll to “attack” or drop the room target. For example, a player wants to use his scanner to try to make the room easier for the group. Epic. Roll for it. In the casting scenario, ICRPG always requires a roll to cast, so that is happening in that example.

But. It’s always going to depend on the PC’s actions in that moment of the fiction. Something totally mundane might do it. For example, lighting a torch in a dark room. Or turning a pressure valve to drain water.


Put simply, “attacking the target” is a concept in which players make RP choices that, when their PCs act accordingly with success, the GM agrees improve current circumstances within the scenario in the favor of the players, expressed mechanically by lowering the encounter Target Number. Attacking the target may or may not involve rolling dice, but it affects subsequent rolls.


In ICRPG, you roll to cast, which means that they rolled against the existing target number. It’s possible that it could have been an EASY roll, but the base target was respected, then reduced.