PvP? How do?



How would you go about doing this?

I was thinking something along the lines of:

Attacker rolls their weapon damage die, the result becomes the ATK value that lowers the defender’s defense.
(So a maxed defense of 18 would be reduced to 6 by a max roll from a d12 weapon)

Defender rolls their d20 Defense.

Rolled under? No problem.

The attrition sustained is determined by how much the d20 rolls over the ATK lowered Defense value:

2 = Basic Attrition
4 = attacker decides either Flesh or Equipment Attrition.
8 = Destroy
12 = Brutal

I wanted some ruling for this in case the party turns on an NPC/companion or a player is corrupted somehow and turns monstrous. without having to convert their character sheet into a Enemy type entity – unless there is some easier way to do that?
Like turn the combined number of items and skill they have into HP
Have their ATK be the median of their weapon damage (so d12 becomes 6 ATK)
Have their DEF be defense minus 10 (so 18 becomes 8 DEF – is that too high?)

I don’t know which method would be faster/easier/more satisfying.



i would treat it like borderlands in which both players fight have max hearts in the fight and the first to submit loses. with no damage done to characters outside the fight


In this game I think we should utilize the skill/flat roll system. Lets not make things more complicated then necessary.
Have the players roll an appropriate skill or a flat roll of 10. which ever is better.
If the attacking player passes the check and the defending player does not, roll damage for attrition.
If both players fail the check, the attack is unsuccessful.
if both players pass, the player that has a greater margin of success wins.
(if my brawling skill is 13 and I rolled an 8, my margin of success is 5)

If somehow the margin for success is a tie, it goes to the defender because losing attrition is pretty devastating and we should give them the benefit to avoid it in a PVP situation. the attacker should probably also have the ability to just stun the player and not actually damage them, Like a smack in the head or a push to the ground to stop them from doing something. (this could also be cool if one of the players was charmed or mind controlled)


All good ideas above
We have used the following:

Attacker rolls under the targets Defense rating
For hit - roll damage
Subtract the armor value as a soak (defense - 6)
Any remaining damage is basic attrition

  • I know armor is “used” twice, but it works / feels about right.



Attacker rolling under target’s Defense is not a good idea, as the higher their Defense the easier they will be to hit.

For PvP (which I don’t tend to encourage) I would have it be a flat roll with basic attrition applied to the loser.


Shoot, duh, thanks Logen
Sorry about typo. Yes roll over.
Thank you for catching.


If the party is betrayed by an NPC or Companion, use any of the vaguely human monsters there. You could take the Skeleton as a decent range, but the book does tell you how to make a creature pretty quickly. This is for when it is planned.

If it’s a situation with two players having an argument or altercation in game (Please be sure it’s just in game), have the players state what their character is trying to accomplish here and agree to what is at stake: then they can just do a Flat Roll and whoever rolls lower wins. Roleplay this out and let the player that lost the roll submit to the other with no penalty or attrition (You don’t want to hurt your friends, really). If they don’t like the results of the physical encounter, they shouldn’t have picked that fight!

This is nice and easy because it plays to everyone’s strengths and evens it out, letting Fate decide. I say it plays to their strengths because a warrior would use his strength or combat prowess, a wizard would use magic and logic, a rogue would use cunning and subterfuge, a cleric or paladin would use their words or force of personality to end the conflict.

Example would be that the Wizard yells at the Rogue that the gem they found is evil and needs to be destroyed! The Rogue states his goal is to keep the gem and either sell it or harness its power. The Wizard states that he wants to take it and destroy it. If both agree to the terms, they can roll play out how the conflict starts, then they both roll a d20 and whoever rolls lower wins.


This is actually pretty good advice for any game, not just Crown & Skull. Here, take my :herocoin: