Prisoners of Alfheim Final Session


WFinal session for Prisoners of Alfheim ended in a TPK. The dice were harsh this night and Rhadzi, the Horned Lord, won the day. With the five heroes fading into legend, the unstable Yog Spire erupted through the city of Englemoor changing the landscape of the Greenway forever.

Catch the conclusion coming soon on the YouTube channel: Roll For Effort. The entire Prisoners of Alfheim campaign is there if you want to watch how it all began.


Nice spoiler there Joe. I was about to watch Chapter 8 - Born in Mud part 2 tonight.

Warren’s double explosion was shocking. Oops, another spoiler.

Prisoners of Alfheim was a superb series. Well done to you and to all players, which were stellar!


Crap, my bad. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
And thank you! :heart_eyes:


Wow this is a surprise! I just finished Chapter 9 last night. The whole campaign has been pretty sweet. Really great story, GM’ing, and role play! Great work!


Just watched this session. Great ending! Epic!


I watched it last night and I agree. Epicness all around!