Potions Table



I love using potions in games. they’re great for filling out enemies with items to use or be looted. I also like that they’re consumable causing players to hem and haw about when to use 'em.

After bouncing it off some other fine peeps from this community, I’ve put together this d20 Potions table using ICRPG vernacular.

Feel free to use it in your games or at the very least use it for inspiration to come up with your own potions.

Note, I debated on doing the minor/moderate/major thing adjusting power and durations accordingly for those potions that it would make sense for, but alas I reminded myself that simple is better (especially with the ICRPG spirit).

Got cool potion ideas? By all means spitball them here.



Very nice work.

I love consumables for the same reason: They create interesting opportunities for players and they ponder whether to use something now or later.

Another, and more important benefit of consumables is that they create a churn where items come and go.

I can’t say much else because everything I wanted to say I wrote in SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 2! Muahahaha!


Great list! I’ll be using this for sure.

thanks for sharing


Love it! Converted them to Cards, then droped them in Roll 20 as a Deck. the images are here on google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13qBx4wiXdrXmkMBoHQwxZKsRZ2eKw0Ub/view?usp=sharing

Here are some samples:
12%20invisibility 20%20water%20breathing
8%20endurance 7%20dexterity


That is sweet @Dragonlair ! It’s great to see how we can collaborate in this hobby.

FYI, it seems your google drive file for this needs to be made public as currently I can’t view it.


So good and intuitive! <3
Reminds me of pokemon :smiley:

Only differences/additions I would make for my own table:

SPEED: Move twice as far
JUMP: Jump NEAR with ease.
RAVAGER: Attack twice per turn.
ALL RESISTANCE: resist all damage
PHYSICAL RESISTANCE: resist all physical damage
INVULNERABILITY: Invulnerable to all damage (maybe just 1 round? or it’s super rare)
HEALING: Maybe guarantee minimum 4 heal? Or if they heal less than 4, they retain the potion? When my players only roll 1-2 on heal pot they are so sad :frowning:

SUPER potions: double effect (eg. 2d8 healing), or guarantee 3/4 rounds duration (default 1d4 for all durations).

Drinking potion out of combat/extreme danger: Guarantees max duration/effect? In combat it’s not so easy to drink the whole thing :smiley: (maybe this invites too much strategy/planning)


Good ones. One could easily get to a d100 potion table no doubt. But just as easily potions could be made up on the fly.

I’m torn on duration:

SIMPLE: Flat 4 rounds for every potion

FLAVORFUL/RANDOM: Lasts d4 rounds . . . they vary in potency and perhaps it’s a tad past the expiration date (1 round). heh


To create TIERs in the potion you could make static durations

Minor Potions: Last 1 ROUND
Hi Potions: Lasts 2 ROUNDS
Great Potions: 3 ROUNDS
Max Potions: 4 Rounds
Unstable Potion: 1d4 Rounds

Or if you want to give the CON stat more love.

Potions last 1 ROUND + CON Bonus (Maybe caps at 4 Bonus)


@Wildstar My gut says 1d4 ROUNDS, cause it’s funner, simpler(than varying potency) and easier to remember.
Could also have a potion-master item that makes it 4 ROUNDS.

Or out of combat/imminent danger, can drink the whole potion so 4 ROUNDS.
But in combat/danger its 1d4 ROUNDS (eg. hard to swig a potion whilst an orc is trying to crush you or fireballs are exploding around you)


@Ardon I love the idea of loot or a tag etc. to endure a full 4 rounds of potency!


Take the worry & chance give it a straight rounds it last makes it easier for all not guess work of worry.


These aren’t mine, but most are neat and seem easy to convert from GLOG to ICRPG: The Perfect Potion List.

Here’s five examples that jumped out at me:


Teleports you to a random room (if in a dungeon/building), a random building (if in a city), or a random location (if on the overworld). If poured on an object, does the same thing.

Hide From Dragons

Dragons cannot see you, hear you, or notice you by any means. Lasts 30 minutes or until you do something (except movement).


You comprehend all written languages. You are mute. Lasts 30 minutes.


You can see through smoke and fog perfectly. If broken or poured out, creates a prodigious amount of fog—a 100’ sphere, or enough to fill approximately 5 dungeon rooms.


Nothing, not even inanimate objects, want to be near you. Creatures must succeed on a morale (or Cha) check in order to approach you. If they fail this check, they will not approach you for the rest of the potion’s duration. You get +2 Defense against small ranged attacks (such as arrows). If poured on an object, it has the same effect. Lasts 30 minutes.


@Ardon How about 2+1d6 for healing? Then it’s 3-8.


Personally I want as simple as poss so my players (and me) can easily remember, and everything feels intuitively consistent.

So I’d keep it d8 so its in line with all magic effects (1d4 if it’s bandages or something like that).
I’d do 4 or less, retain potion OR minimum 4 OR 1d8+con.

But it depends on my table and what they like (if it’s one shots, i’ll probs just do 1d8 and be done with it).

1d4+2 works! Whatever feels right to you.