Polish translations of ICRPG


Hello There!
I’ve got something for some of you, which may help to bring ICRPG to wider world. Since not everyone is so familiar with English and I see here in Poland, that ICRPG may be very good system for RPG introduction to a bit younger players, which simply starting adventure with tabletop I’ve decided to spent some time and translate ICRPG Quickstart and FREE Reference, to help them to jump in. Here you can find them:



This is in kind of a draft. And I like to ask @Runehammer if we can put this on official list of resources or even on Drivethrurpg at some point. Ofcourse if You agree I like to reuse original graphic designe for Quickstart, now it’s just a text. So if you can share original files I can add proper translation and prepare final version.

Also if some of you like to help with translating ICRPG to different languages feel free to join this little project.