Poisonous Fungus



Checkout first crafting video for Forests of Gajen ICRPG expansion. Let’s turn ICRPG cards into full-size tabletop minis. This time these are tremendous killing mushrooms from Dead Forest.
Make Your game challenge more engaging.

You can get ICRPG expansion from:

Find more on vangmar.pl


Dude, what the f🤬ck are those things that you’re using for your craft?!

I don’t even know what to Google. I tried searching for “dried Cthulhu tentacles” but got something different. And they don’t quite look like bamboo fungus either, so I am stumped.


Looks like driftwood, I seem to recall something like that available at the local craft store.


I knew this was going to be fun. Try to google “pepe cone”. These are exotic dried horseradish roots. :wink: The story here is that I walked near the shop with some exotic ingredients, dried plants etc. and I said, hey, why not. Anything can be a good base.
Wait, there will be more soon :wink:


That is super cool! I’ve been brain-brewing a fungus spore “super weapon” for a few days now, these would be an awesome way to represent what I’m thinking about.