Player friendly setup for EZD6


I use board game trays and card holders with dice and tokens for them. I also have some cards created for inclinations (not pictured). EZD6 is already an easy game to introduce to players but this make it easy even for players new to RPGs. I found that providing tokens along with the Path specific character sheets created by Lean Toft to make it really easy to have a game up and going in around 30 minutes or less even with a group of brand new players. I can get it all into a little tote along with my books and grid map. I was lugging around way to much for 5e compared to EZD6. Curious to see what other Rable Rousers have for their setups.


My experience is a bit different, I played with my 7 y/o and all we used were dice, a piece of paper and my DM journal. She would keep track of the story by drawing what was happening. She set the adventure and I used roles to set the difficulty of any complication. It was great, banes and boons really helped me make the character she wanted to play and it was so simple we never left the story to look at any rules.


That is awesome, I have not had any players that young yet but I can see EZd6 working well for them. I am mainly using this setup for intro games at my local hobby shop RPG night and conventions but it is definitely not needed for play. I just find it helps so I can get a session zero, character creation, and play all in the same session especially for people with limited or no RPG experience.


Love your button tokens. Were they inspired by Sly Flourish’s “Crafting Lazy Monster Tokens for D&D”?


I wish I could claim I made them but they are a mix of Dahan Dice tokens off Amazon and some I found on Etsy. It looks like they are made the same way with glass carbachons though.