Papercraft for Sunless Citadel



In the 34 years I’ve been playing D&D, I have never used minis. I’m a Theatre of the Mind guy through and through. But since my four-year-old has taken an interest in trying something crunchier than “No Thank You, Evil!” I’ve decided to give papercraft a go.

I am creating minis for an ICRPG conversion of Sunless Citadel I’ll be running him and my wife through.

I slapped the ICRPG minis into photoshop to use the guidelines and scoured the web for graphics that would appeal to my son of the various critters and characters in Sunless Citadel. I thought I would share the results here:

As a total newb to using minis, I was hoping someone could help me figure this one out: How do you keep them organized so you aren’t fumbling around in the box. Right now I am grouping them by section of the dungeon so I’m choosing from a pile of 5 instead of a pile of 38. Other methods would be helpfu.


At office supply stores they used to have these big plastic paperclip like things in different colors. Kind of like bookmarks? Dunno if they still do…dunno if there’s still office supply stores…out there…in the wilds…


Great work! I’ve found paper clips, binder clips, and rubber bands to be good enough for most paper mini organization. You could use a recipe box or similar, with dividers, to keep things together, too.


I use old dice boxes. The one pictured below is the Heroes of the Hammer set.


Those I have. Thank you for the idea!


Well, for session storage I have a couple: creative options (PLANO made) storage organizers the model number is 2-3650-81 and it works fantastic for me…but I do cut my minis and use LITKO paper miniature bases, they stack fairly well on my shelves also.


Those are awesome! This hobby is great for being able to do stuff like that. For some reason this made me want to make a bunch of pokemon minis


I am about five years too old to have ever gotten into Pokémon, but I definitely see both the appeal and how they wpuld lend themselves to a TTRPG.

I made a bunch of Plants vs. Zombies ones for my son as a dry run:


Super cool man, I love all these standees!


So cool! My 4year old joined in with my game yesterday. I’m going to get some things he likes as monsters.


Here’s a prototype of my DungeonCraft style Universal Dungeon Terrain with zones

. Needs to be much bigger and on better foam.