Our community is growing!


ICRPG brought a group of gamers together here in Fargo. Many thanks to @Andreas for organizing the dread sessions here this month!


More details necessary.
Why the Jenga tower for ICRPG?
What adventure and setting was being run?


All lies, nothing to see here, clearly you can see blurred images are used to show Fargo is able to bring more people to ICRPG than other places.

But I propose this is a Fraud. Clearly put together by the “Make Fargo Cool but not Cold Committee” aka MFCCC.

MFCCC is clearly trying to clumsy entrap the good citizens of The Shield Wall in thinking that Fargo is a destination for all players of ICRPG, but notice how they don’t invite others?

Notice how no books are anywhere in arms reach. (Ignore that ICRPG is so ingenious that you don’t need the books) Next they will show pictures of people playing Corn Hole, AKA horse shoes for the risk adverse, as ICRPG.


(((End is The Arizona Alliance as Bastión of ICRPG)))
Kick ass on ya. While I want more context, it’s awesome you can get the numbers going!!!


they are playing Dread :wink:


Ah I totally missed that in the op (unless it was added after the fact) which is possible seeing as I knew there was an rpg that used a jenga tower but I forgot it was called dread.


I should have written more but I posted while playing. We were playing dread using icrpg images. Here’s a description of the scenario that @Andreas put together

ICRPG and this forum specifically brought me and three other players to this fun and engaging game. And I loved the creative use of ICRPG art to be adapted to these types of games.

Also @Paxx the MFCCC ™ met and wishes to extend an official invitation for you to attend any of our gatherings as a token of peace and goodwill.