Opinions on Victory in Failure


It seems like it might be a little too good from the few sessions I have run but my data set is admittedly small at this point. I wanted to get some other Rabble Rousers thoughts on it as is along with an idea for toning it down a little.

I was thinking of having the extra karma trigger only on a 1 instead of any failure. Still useful but not a flood of karma.

Thank you.


How much karma are your players ending up with? My experience has been that the karma flows in and out of their hands pretty regularly.


When a single player took the inclination it was not an issue in games but when three took it along with the human skald taking born blessed and inspiring also there it was a noticeable shift. I have only run 5 sessions at this point with them all being various player groups with differing levels of experience with rpgs. (Side note the game has been well received by all) Like I mentioned not the best data set but one game with three of 4 players taking it was a noticeable difference to me.


Ah, I see the issue. Yeah, it’s tough when one option in a game becomes the new game strategy. You could tone it down, as you have proposed, or you could just increase the difficulty of things, and let them feel like they’re getting away with something. It may be worth having a tribunal with the players if you feel like it’s impacting your fun in a negative way.


Yeah Vepr, as Merliton said, I’d actually increase the difficulty. If they all have a large reserve of karma put them in more situations where they need to use it. Make the consequences of failure apparent to them so they want to use all the karma.

Games get good when you can drain those karma pools and once empty, drop that hammer, and give them hard choices with next to nothing left. Gets the hearts beating!

My two drachma


This is how we do it, in my Warpfire supplement…

Victory in Failure (updated): You gain 2 Karma if you roll a 1 on a failed roll. (We thought 2 karma on all failed rolls was too OP)