Online Alfheim needing players


EDIT: Places now filled by @GMagnus and @Sweenie_McGuffin. looking for two players for a game this Sunday. Short notice I know! Starting at 19:30 UK time lasting perhaps 3 hours.

It is a continuation of my eyes of Sett’ adventure but you can be easily slipped in.

Previous game can be found here.

You will need a character and token for ROLL20. Also an idea of why you were out in the desert. What brought you out there?


Askeld would be down to GTFO!
Could also make a new PC if you want.


@Adam_Boyes, If you still have a slot I’d like to join.


No we need Askeld! Great to have you on board. You still have access to the game?


Ok @Sweenie_McGuffin you have the slot. I will send you an invite and assign a character sheet.


Yes sir I do!
He’s also in my journal both on Roll20 and paper.


Where are you sending invite?


Shoutout to @Adam_Boyes, @GMagnus, craigb, Tom (sorry to hear about the water issue) and everybody’s favorite freak of nature Grot for another exciting and almost lethal foray into Alfheim. Had a great time fighting off the abominations and slinging portals in the labs under the Koabi desert. For my fellow adventurers: Hello, Nurse!


Good game guys!!!


@Sweenie_McGuffin @GMagnus yes great game. I was a bit Rusty but think I got away with it. Sorry about the hero coins! The full VOD can be watched here


Heeey no need to be sorry! We made it!