[Online] [5e][Mondays 6:30-10:30 EST][LGBTQ+ Friendly] [18+]


Hey all, I am looking for a fun group of players to tear apart a homebrew set of rules and concepts before starting an official game. I’m looking for people who know how to give constructive criticism without trying to control the content used. A group of people also gives room for workshopping new ideas which would help.

What I have going is a D&D meets ICRPG concept, which for those unaware of the latter is basically D&D if most of the chunky mechanics were removed for free form play. It’s capable of being anything from a combat simulator to a interpersonal drama with no combat whatsoever. I can work for both and I’m working with a goal in mind for classes and lineages to cater for both.

I myself am 29 years old and personally prefer more roleplay focus than excessive combat, however I do enjoy when a game has combat that can be a challenge and can become a topic of conversation afterwards. My goal is to make an experience worth talking about after the session and campaign is over. I am stilll figuring out Foundry which I will be using, and I have some know how on making Discord a good hubspace for chatting before and after sessions. If this is all acceptable and everyone can come with knowledge that their peers are healthy and welcoming, that would be a dream come true.

My discord handle is spoopyscaryskittleton, and if you reply with your favorite snack or drink I will know that you were paying attention! It’s not a hard requirement, but it’s definitely a plus!