One Shot: Raid on "Grandmother's House"


Title: Raid On “Grandmother’s House”

System: Kitbashed ICRPG Master Edition (Specifics Below)

When: Saturday, January 14. 8:30 AM EST (GMT-5). Ends at 11:00 AM EST (GMT-5). I am willing to move it around a couple hours if desired.

Where: Discord and ICVTT

Size: 3 to 5 players in a One Shot

“Grandmother’s House” is the headquarters of the Red Helm crime family. The Order of Princes finally has its location, and has sent you on a raid.


  • Fairy Tale Inspired Science Fantasy
  • ICPRG Master Edition Rules
  • Freeform Alfheim Types (Can mix and match Types, Milestones as Starting Abilities)
  • Warp Shell Bioforms and Basic Loot (Reflavored)


  • Anger VIII
  • Stats: +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 CON
  • Effort: +2 Weapon, +2 Gun
  • Bioform: Dwarven Clone Legionnaire, (Geno with +2 STR)
  • Starting Ability: Power Strike
  • Starting Loot: Weapon Gem
  • Basic Loot
    • Platemail (Hard Suit)
    • Pickaxe (Vibro Blade)
    • Mirrorshard Slinger (Particle Cannon)
    • Poison Apples (Ion Grenade Sling)


Grandma’s House won’t know what hit them.


I think I can join you, @tornadofyr, there is a seat available. :shield::sunglasses::+1: