One-Shot for a Bunch of Noobs



Hey ya’ll. I’m new to this system but have been reading a ton about it, got the Master Edition book, and been watching plenty of videos talking about it. I’ve convivenced some friends to give it a shot. So its gonna be me and 7 players, all of who have experience with DnD and two of them are kids. I was thinking of doing either the Doomvault or The Last Flight of the Red Sword. What do you all think would make a good one shot for a bigger group? Thanks!


For a bigger group? Doomvault and make it extra deadly (change the damage to a D12 for a lot of attacks. It equals for 1/4 chance to one-shot a character!) and prepare pre-gensfor your players! :smiling_imp:


I ran Orvald’s Tower for our (me, my wife, 11 y/o daughter, and 10y/o son) first game. It was great with “training wheels” for all of us as the difficulty is a steady ramp, it immediately establishes timers as a motivator, and the size of the adventure is easy to change on the fly.


Sorry to piggypack on your post, but I recently received the Master Edition book also but there are no adventures in there that I can see. I can’t find anywhere to buy Doomvault or any of the other adventures that seem to get mentioned quite a lot.

How have you gotten hold of the adventures?


You can get the Adventures PDF for free here:

They used to be included in ICRPG Core 2.0, and were split out into their own document with the release of ICRPG Master Edition.


Ah brilliant, thank you.

I’d been scouring the Runehammer website, so was obviously in the wrong place!


+1 for Orvald’s Tower, it is definitely a good introduction to the system in terms of the three D’s, three T’s, and D.E.W.