One Room DC


@Vinzent Quick question. On your blog entry (Yelp In the Dark (blog) link) there is a reference to a single DC for a room. Does that include killing all of monsters in the room or does the DC apply for the entire room? Or does the DC for each exercise in the room? A higher DC allows for that hidden desk draw to be found for example.


The DC is for the entire encounter. So anything and everything in the room has that difficulty. I’ve found that this is done in D&D modules. The room may be filled with different difficulties, but they all skew to an average mean - the planned difficulty of the entire encounter.
It’s one of the central points in ICRPG. I just like it.


Plus you can modify the ‘DC’ making certain checks HARD(+3) or EASY(-3). It’s simple to remember and keeps you focused on the narrative and less on notes and exact dcs for each little tam the players attempt. It’s brilliant.