Ok, so no love for scribus here lol, other suggestions?


Does anyone know of some good scribus (or alternative) tutorials? Bonus points if it’s mostly aimed at rpg documents. I’m looking to make some custom character sheets, maybe write up some different adventures and I want them to look nice. Eventually I’d like to purse creating some stuff to sell, but I can’t financially swing the Adobe suite… and my current computer setup can’t handle the newest affinity products.



ive been using Canva which is free to make my stuff for a bit as i cant afford adobe or affinity and while it doesnt have all the cool bells and whistles it does get the job done and is pretty easy to use.


My wife uses canva for her cricut stuff, I didn’t even think about that. Cool idea!


I have been using NOTION for a few years now… especially for RPG stuff. Highly recommend it!

Game On!


I’ve been using Inkscape, I think its incredibly versatile, especially as it is free and open source - lots of tutorials for it too. You might want to try it!


I played with canva the other night and came up with this really basic, quick spell card. It’s formatted to be printed on a 3x5 index card,then folded in half and glued to make a two sided card.


Also Affinity Publisher 2 is great! Its probably on sale for the holidays…. They have good tutorials on their site as well.


Wish I could run affinity on my laptop, but I’m old school (read cheap) and still use windows 8.1

I rarely use my actual computer anymore, primarily a mobile user.


I use Scribus. What are you finding that you’re lacking?

I tend to do my graphics in a program like GIMP or Inkscape or Krita then use Scribus as a layout tool.

Scribus by TJFREE (YouTube)


If you’re expecting to use it like InDesign, you’ll be left feeling frustrated. Scribus is a layout tool. Not an art or graphic design tool.