Odium ideas required


In my high fantasy rpg table top game I am running, I am introducing Relics and Tears of Odium but twisted to fit my campaign. Here is the premise… the PC’s are heading towards a city and in this city is an ancient and mysterious tower… the rocks it is made of have this odd slightly green hue to them. Matching is an 8’ tall Glyph stone just outside the cities walls, leaning a bit, warn from centuries… mysterious glyphs are all over it but nobody to this day knows the meaning, if the stone has mystical ancient powers or what not.

A very VERY wealthy elder elf… rogue-ish in his nature has spent most of his vast wealth on buying property in the city, had the most amazing inn built on the land by a team of dwarves from a dwarven city to the south. Once the dwarves finished the build and were paid, on their way home… they suffered a tragic mishap and all perished. The elf took them out. Why? Well… deep below the inn, the dwarves mined and built for the elf access to a centuries old discovered dwarven keep lost to the histories but now found. The elf wants this place to his own and for none other than he to know of it.

In this ancient dwarven keep are a couple relics of Odium, a few tears as well. The ore and rock down here has this ancient and rare greenish hue to it. The metal forged from this ore has that same color to it. The tears have magic abilities in them and if inserted into the relics, in random combinations, boost their magical abilities.

So… idea’s on how this ancient dwarven keep was lost to the histories? Is there a monster guarding this space… asleep and hibernating all these centuries and now awakened? What other idea’s pop into your heads as I paint this picture for you?

My ultimate goal is to create some amazing lore on these relics, the tears, who Odium was, that this rock, these metals infused with the green are only found here on the entire planet. Why? What is this green that infuses everything? Etc.

Love to hear your brilliant creative thoughts on all this.


Something comes out…while it causes havoc and kills some people, it also carried some of the greatest raw material and finished material ever recovered.

The player characters have a part in that battle. While they negotiated to sell their prize, or make it into something cool… 4 groups go in. Only 2 survivors from the same group come out. Morning their losses, but they are insanely rich, and also forecasting that more will die if the (insert name of not quite big bad) is not taken care of. It is trying to escape… so you get the greedy and the righteous.

That is my easy hook. Not my fault if the just camp the exit for those that come weakened by combat to come out.