Newbie help on spells and Ver 1 to Ver 2



I have been looking for an RPG that I can run my kids, 8 and 12 through. A friend lent me a copy of ICRPG (120 pages, so I think its Version 1). I am looking if this will work, before I purchase Version 2. So far I really like the simplicity and think that this will work for what I am looking for. I have done a search, but have been unable to find the answers on these forums.

My questions are:
The Core book for version 1 does not seem to have spells in the book, or have I missed this?

What are the main differences between Ver 1 and Ver 2 of the Core rules? i.e are there spells in Ver 2.

If I buy Ver 2 of the Core rules through DriveThruRPG, what other resources am I able to access? i.e. Updates to the Core, or any other resources only available to those who purchased the Core Book. (How do I prove that I have bought a copy?)

Thanks in advance and I hope to be able to contribute to these forums in the near future.



V2 has a short spell section - 60-70 spells, Pages 45-47. Probably more than enough for 8 -12 year olds. I didn’t buy v1, so I don’t know if you’ve missed anything there or not.

The ICRPG WORLDS supplement has a few more.

Hank is working on a entire MAGIC supplement that should come out sometime this year.

DriveThru tracks what you’ve bought. When you set up an account and login, there’s a “My Library” link. This allows you to access any free pdf updates to things you’ve bought, and download again PDFs you might have lost. For hard copies, you get as it was when you bought it. As I recall there are some bundles of products that might save you a little $.


Thanks for the reply. I spent most of last night watching Hank’s Runehammer videos on YouTube.

So it looks like ICRPG is akin to a philosophy and ICRPG is the vehicle to help you modify/streamline gameplay.

Would I be right in assuming that I could let my kids tell me what types of spells they would like to use and I put the ICRPG hat on and convert that to Effort and voila, I create a spell?

I am really seeing the benefit of dropping some of the excess stats and math, in favour of making the game more fun and exciting.


I just bought Ver 2 Core from DriveThruRPG (my first purchase from there) and it came with the character sheets, some print and play minis and something for online play.

Now some reading to do. :slight_smile:


Yes, just create the spell and go. Or reskin an existing one into something that works for you and your players. Want an ice missile? Just use fire missile as a guide. ICRPG assumes a DIY aspect. If you need something, jsut make it up and go. Don’t let rules get in the way of fun.


Welcome to the fold! Be sure to check back in and let us know how everything is going.