New to ICRPG, looking for a game!


Hello! I bought ICRPG 2E a while ago, and with the Master Edition right around the corner, I’d really like to try out some ICRPG.

I’ve had plenty of experience with D&D and Pathfinder 2E, but personally prefer something with a little less crunch and more room for the imagination.

My schedule is pretty open, except for Tuesday evenings (PDT). So if anyone’s looking to add a player to their one-shot game or ongoing campaign, just let me know!


Hey @Brandoff! Welcome to the Shield Wall! Our self titled “Moldy Crew” is always running games and folding new folks in. Hit me up with a DM, if you want, and we’ll nab you for the next available slot (schedules permitting).


Hi there! Welcome to the SHIELD WALL!! :shield:

Are you interested in text/play by post gaming? I’ve been wanting to run an ICRPG text game for the longest time.

Btw, here’s your first :herocoin:!



Hey, Nimlouth! I’d be interested in a play-by-post. If you ever get a one-shot going, drop me a line!


I’d love to do this as well! I’m new to this whole game (and even RPG in general).


Hit me up as well if you need players. I’ve been a part of a couple PbP adventures, but they’ve all fizzled out for one reason or another and I’d like to finish one at some point :slight_smile:


this sounds cool ! i always wanted to try out something like this