New Super Lite Hack!



I threw this topic into the EZD6 category as it fits best here.

Edit: The name of the game in this folder is 3745(EPIK on a numpad). It has evolved into a Sci Fi Horror game, and I’m pretty proud of it.

This is my first attempt at using some lite pbta inspiration for the PCs rolling mechanics, and I plan to play test the Space Truckers version soon with my home group, using a Mothership module or two.

Please enjoy, and if you like what you see, or have any feedback, please let me know!


Been working hard on the Sci-Fi version as I will be running it (hopefully) starting next week. Tweaked it to run Sci-Fi Horror style games a bit, lowered the starting training, and removed some unnecessary text here and there.


Ok. First play test is this next Thursday evening now that I’m free those nights again. In the drive folder is the preliminary pdf complete with attribution for 24xx and artwork CC BY 4.0 by Beeple. Let me know what you think! After running it I’ll probably release on itch and drivethru. Cheers!

At this point it is only the sci fi horror version pdf that is shared, now that I’ve done the initial layout all edits will be directly to the afpub file.


This looks really neat. Do you have any plans to adapt Inner System Blues looking forward to your space truckers adaptation


Looks great! Good job! What program are you using to do the layout?


I used Affinity Publisher. Thanks! It’s fun to run Mothership Modules very quickly and easily with this ruleset.


Thanks. Possibly in the future. At the moment I’m taking a break from game dev, and focusing on playing. I’ll update here once I have something going!


Excellent write up. One part in particular resonated with me.

I’ve been trying to use more debuffs on my players, (cold, tangled, blinded, etc) based on unique monster abilities. But it hasn’t really worked well at the table. Your Hack covers all that with the simple ‘Hindered’ effect. Made me realize I was overcomplicating things. Thanks!