New player here looking for a game


Hello all I just got into ttrpgs and have kind of a wierd schedule. I really want to find some one or others that want to or can have the patients to help me really understand this game and become a decent gm for my kids.


Greetings, and welcome to the forum.

Yours is a noble goal. In addition to enjoying playing RPGs with my friends, my weekly family game night is special and very important to me. I like rediscovering the joys of this hobby as I introduce my 9yo daughter to them each week, since she is the same age I was when I first discovered RPGs with Holmes blue book D&D.

Gaming really opens kids’ eyes to life, and the nexus of parenting and playing the game is great territory to explore.

There are lots of resources and allies here to help you on your quest, so I encourage you to access them as you teach yourself the ropes. There is a wealth of information on how to GM here, but the best place to start is the gamemaster section of the ICRPG rulebook. You will find this is a great place to ask questions and look for inspiration too. Good luck!


I just started playing/running ICRPG and I am by no means an expert but I could probably do a one shot or something sometime. I HIGHLY suggest checking out Kane’s Kiln videos on YouTube, they are a masterclass in ICRPG:


i did check that dude out he is awsome. i need to dive deeper into it.