NEW Milestone Path Progression for ICRPG



Hi All!

I’m a long time lurker that’s sadly been too busy with real-life to post until now, though I’m very much a fan of everything ICRPG for a few years and the great community that has evolved!

So, I thought I’d finally share something which might be of use. This is just a draft of something I’ve been kicking around for a while to supplement the LOOT idea with more defined options for character development, as while my group loves a good kicking, they prefer roleplaying and character dev over acquiring just loot, and I thought I’d give it a go and see what happens.

As such, what you find here are draft examples of various MILESTONE PATHS, based off of the great idea in the ICRPG WORLDS book, such as Path of Iron , Path of Amber , etc but expanded out to give more class-specific options, as well as give Hillfolk some love to go deeper into their heritage and related abilities. There’s also a little crazy extra in the form of the PATH OF THE SHARK, which came to be as a result of one of my players asking if they could play a form of Wereshark in my seafaring game… to which I answered, “Yeah, why not!” much to his surprise :grin: (Thanks Stu!).

Some of this references some new ideas I’ve been using to theme magic almost exclusively around an elemental theme for particular flavour. I’ve shared a dose of that for you to read, comment, and use too :grinning: More to come hopefully.

So, here’s some bits as a sampler to start. I’d be grateful if you’d let me know what you think, whether these ideas are crazy, good, bad or indifferent, as I think I’m in the mood to take this further someday.


And of course, thanks to Hank and the whole Shieldwall community for so much inspiration, positivity and support to everyone interested in ICRPG, particularly during this pretty damn grim year!


Darren R (Neon_Ghost)


Excellent stuff. Would love a complete list/booklet of this kind of information as it falls perfectly in line with my home brew.